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How to Get Your Partner to Fall in Love With You Again

Anyone in a long-term relationship knows how much things change over time and how easy it is to lose that loving feeling that you had so much of in the beginning.

Even so, it may not be something you expect to hear from your partner.

Relationships do break up, even after many years of being together. Whether your partner has declared a diminished feeling of love or you just know from their behavior, there are some ways to help ensure your partner falls in love with you again.

* Be kind and considerate. We tend to lose our manners with our partners early in the relationship and don't even realize it. Some spouses become downright mean and abusive, at least verbally so. Be sympathetic if it's been a hard day or something has happened to bring your partner sadness or concern.

* Be Attentive. Take a few minutes out of your day to do something for your partner. Bring him his newspaper. Water her plants. Let your partner know that you care about the things he or she cares about!

* Fix yourself up even when it's just going to be the two of you at home alone. Don't believe that you only have to put on makeup or change your shirt when you are trying to seduce your partner.

Taking pains to present your best side is a way of being respectful of your partner's feelings. It lets them know you care what they think about you.

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* Be persuasive instead of critical. It's amazing how different "I just love the way you look in your new blue shirt" sounds from "Surely you aren't going to wear that ragged, faded green thing again!" Criticism is a real turn-off for pretty much anyone.

* Respect your partner's opinion. You don't have to insist on being right all of the time! Consider what he or she is saying and give credit where credit is due.

Although much of the advice you will find for repairing broken relationships will encourage you to remember what it was that made you fall in love in the first place, the attitudes and behaviors you had at that time may be more important.

When people are together for a long time, they can become too comfortable and too quick to criticize or become angry. They take their partner for granted and instead of appreciating the things their partner does, they complain about the things that don't happen. Love is a Verb

That saying that love is a verb instead of an adjective is a great way of getting perspective on your relationship. You love someone actively in the things you say and do. If you don't love your partner in an active way, then you aren't likely to get loved back.

On the other hand, if you show your partner that you are concerned for their well-being, understand concerns and problems and try to make life easier and more pleasant for them, they are much more likely to return the sentiments.

Some couples in long-term relationships feel like they fall in and out of love many times over the duration because it is normal to have highs and lows. As long as you respect your partner and value your relationship at all times, these highs and lows can make your relationship an even more loving and enjoyable one. You can skyrocket your happiness in your relationship with these great marriage tips now.

If your husband or wife has just told you that they don't love you anymore, you are probably feeling rather desperate. All you can think about is how to get them back and make them fall in love with you again.

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