Save Your Relationship

How to Get Your Ex Lover Back

how to get your ex lover back

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"This book has helped me discover all there is to know about getting my ex back. To be frank, I was totally lost on what to do until I came by your book. This book changed my life."

- Jill McClair, Washington DC,

Product Description

What if someone were to tell you that there is a formula that you can use - a tried and true method - to get your ex lover back. Would you believe it? Well, hang onto your hat because that formula is right here! There is now a way that you can learn how to get your ex lover back!

How To Get Your Ex Lover Back!

While other books tell you how to "get over it" and "move on," this book actually understands how you feel and how you want to get back with your ex and actually gives you pointers to do just that. Not voodoo or potions, but really good, solid step by step advice on what you need to do if you want to get back together with your ex lover.

This is the only book of its kind that tells you exactly how to get what you want..

Tried And Proven Successful Method!

1) Learn how to get him or her to love you again!

Your ex lover loved you once. What is to stop them from loving you again? Nothing except your own actions. People break up and get back together all of the time. This book tells you exactly what to do, in step by step detail, when you want to get back together with your ex lover.

2) Learn what NOT to do

In addition to telling you what to do, this book also goes into detail on what you should not do if you hope to get back together with your ex lover. This includes behavior that you absolutely must avoid if your endeavor to reunite with him or her is to be successful.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

    *      Elements of love
      How to react to the breakup
      When to contact your ex lover
      What to say when the two of you meet
      How to gain confidence
      Behavior to avoid
      And a lot more!

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