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How to Cope With A Spouse’s Negative Attitude

Negative feelings are just plain trouble. Doesn’t matter where they come from they affect everyone and can destroy a person’s entire day.

I have been at the store when the person in front of me was grumpy and complaining and I could feel my mood change in a negative way.

Now imagine living with negativity all the time, every day. If it is hard to stay positive from just hearing a person you don’t even know being grumpy, can you imagine what negativity would do in large doses?

Some people do have to live with that because they have a negative spouse in their mist.

Fortunately there are some tips you can use to cope with a spouse’s negative attitude are listed below to help those particular folks out.

Cultivate positive friendships – Try to build friendships with other individuals or with other couples, who are positive, fun and upbeat people. That may not change your spouse’s attitude but it will allow you to get a dose of some positive energy. And who knows maybe if your spouse is around that positive energy enough he or she will slowly come around.

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Monitor your moods – If a person is exposed to any one kind of energy, be it positive or negative, he or she can end up feeling that way. And in this case the exposed to the negative energy long enough could rub off and you may not even notice it. So check your mood often, to make sure you are who you are not who your spouse is.

Keep a journal – Start to keep track of all the positive things in your life, all the things you are grateful for. Then when your spouse is being particularly negative you can go look in your journal to remind yourself, that you have lots of positive things going on that make you happy. This will help keep you focused on the good.

Don’t judge – Try not to judge your spouse. There are many reasons a person feels the way they do. You may not know all of what is going on with your spouse. And it is also possible that, that is how your spouse grew up and doesn’t know any other way to cope with stress or frustrations. Or it is also possible he or she is clinically depressed.

Have a talk – Sit down with your spouse and ask them if they are doing OK. Find out if maybe there are things going on he or she has been afraid to discuss with you. Or perhaps he or she is not even aware of how negative they have been, or how it is affecting you.

Tell him or her that you love them and it hurts you to see them so unhappy and is there anything you can do to help. Perhaps suggest they go see the family doctor to get a checkup.

Living with a person who is always negative is not easy. It can alter your mood and/or ruin your day when it was a perfectly good day. Use the tips to help curb that negativity.

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