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How to Build Trust in Relationships

In order to establish a foundation of trust in your partnership, it is important to note the various ways in which trust plays a role. Learning how to build trust in relationships is an integral part of your foundation as a couple.

Without this essential element, you can’t expect a future for your partnership. Take a look at this advice to help create the varying types of trust.

I Trust You to Not Cheat

Most couples associate trust with cheating, infidelity and adultery. Some also include other forms of deceit such as pornography or simply looking at another of the opposite sex. Regardless, when you are in agreement that your relationship will be mutually monogamous you have taken yourself off the market.

You should then establish what that means to both of you in order to insure neither of you cross the line. Be honest with yourself and your partner about what it is you require in order to trust that person.

I Trust You Not To Lie

Deception is another form of breaching trust. Do you and your partner have the same definition of what a lie is or isn’t? Is a partial truth considered a lie? Do you believe you are lying if you do not share something? Know what defines deceit in your eyes and theirs as they may be quite different.

Once you know how your partner feels about situations you will be able to avoid doing anything which could hurt the relationship. Do you share everything or do you believe some secrets are okay to keep? Without setting up these boundaries initially, you are walking blindly into possible traps and could inadvertently breach the trust you have together.

I Trust You Not To Judge

Being able to openly share your innermost thoughts and feelings with each other is part of intimacy and closeness. If you constantly appraise your partner’s actions or feelings or feel the need to point out the error of their ways when they are simply opening up, you may have damaged their trust.

It is much easier to put walls up then to tear them down in relationships and by not having an accepting and open heart is a sure fire way to do this. Always make sure you listen and empathize with your partner when they are sharing deep feelings or thoughts. They want to know you can accept and love them for who they are and not constantly critique their choices.

I Trust You to Listen

If you are having arguments or disagreements be sure you are giving your partner your ear in the matter. That means stop talking, stop thinking about what you are going to say next and stop trying to prove you are right. Instead, really listen to their feelings, thoughts, words and try and understand.

If you need to, it is fine to ask for clarification. Knowing you can communicate with each other and feel heard is a huge part of learning how to build trust in relationships. This will enable you both to have pleasant discussions rather than battles.

By following these principals, you will be on your way to connecting with your partner beyond the normal expectations which may or may not be acceptable in the future. By going above and beyond in learning how to build trust in relationships, you will have created a foundation which is stronger than ever and able to endure the trials of life. The support and connection this will create between you will ensure a long term, happy relationship.

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