Save Your Relationship

How to Avoid Divorce

Around half of the percentage of married couples ends in divorce in the U.S. While this staggering statistic sounds bleak, it is simply because not enough marriages begin with lessons on how to avoid divorce by strengthening their partnership.

Learn how to establish a solid foundation in your marriage early on and you will have a more happy and joyful union.


While everyone knows the importance of trust in a relationship, most people consider it to relate mainly to infidelity or adultery within a marriage. There are many other forms which trust takes in a marriage, however and it is essential to insure you are building that trust in many ways.

Trust can be broken in the following ways;

• Hurtful words
• Lack of support
• Ignoring issues
• Neglecting spouse
• Harsh judgments
• Not accepting
• Not compromising
• Lack of intimacy
• No communication
• Lies
• Irresponsibility

As you can see, trust plays a large role in the development of a marriage. One harmful dagger can cause endless pain and be difficult to heal. It is not simply a matter of cheating which couples should consider but building a foundation of trust. Ask yourself, how can I be more trust worthy? Does my partner feel safe sharing themselves with me? Do we feel secure with one another? Working on developing these areas will help create a strong connection and future path.

Don’t jump the gun…

Sometimes drama can become an excessive part of a relationship. Many couples who have in the past been known to break up, then get back together, only to break up again, may fall into this category. What this means is don’t be so quick to throw in the towel every time there is a disagreement. Part of being married is realizing that it will get rocky at times but you are both willing to endure and work towards achieving happiness together.

If you are constantly giving up or throwing around the word divorce, you are constantly chiseling away at the foundation of your marriage. You will destroy the trust you have and create an insecurity which is unfair. Rather than nit pick your way into a divorce, save your battles for important issues and resolve to get through them together.

Do unto others

You want to avoid becoming codependent but if you both are in agreement to give and take in the relationship, you will be very successful. If you treat your spouse as you would like to be treated by giving rather than constantly looking to receive, you will find comfort as they return the gesture.

Try not to be the constant critic or weigh who is giving more; this negative reflection will not improve any marriage. Instead, simply ask for what you need when you need it and continue giving the loving support your partner requires as well.

By following this advice you will learn how to avoid divorce and increase the strength of your marriage. Marriage is a devotion to the efforts it will take for two individual to come together and accomplish loving goals together. The fruits of your work together will be shared and you will establish a joyful long term commitment.

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