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How to Avoid Bad Relationships

Bad relationships are like bad breath. You can cover it up or you can determine the underlying cause and work towards eradicating the disease which has caused it in the first place.

If you want to know how to avoid bad relationships, you must first consider the triggers which may draw you towards negativity rather than positive outcomes.

Past Repeated

Many people have a tendency of repeating mistakes over and over again. By choosing the same type of partner, knowing the outcome will be the same, you undermine your ability to find someone worthy of your love. Sometimes this is simply out of habit or an attraction which you haven’t been able to break.

For example, if you consistently find yourself in relationships with people who treat you poorly, perhaps you are comparing partners to parental figures in your life. Childhood role models whether good or bad can play a prominent role in your selection of a mate.

In order to break this pattern, you need to begin looking at specific qualities you want in a person rather than ones you are used to having. Instead of repeating the past, try and eliminate it from your present outlook and reflect on positive goals rather than negative habits.

Self Esteem

Bad relationships can often be attributed to poor self esteem. Perhaps you have encountered abusive relationships whether emotional or physical wherein you are constantly sacrificing your well being for someone else. This can be a sign you have a poor reflection of your worth and therefore pair yourself with those who will not treat you with respect.

You must be able to love yourself in order to be loved. Working on this aspect of yourself, whether through counseling, self help books or positive activities will help you improve the way you look at yourself. Be gentle and kind with the person you are and you will begin to attract partners who will respect and admire you.


Partners who find themselves in relationships which are often rocky with rollercoaster type emotional moments may be attracting drama. Sometimes this habit occurs when one or both partners become bored or need attention. The constant doldrums of peace, which you may not be accustomed to, causes a need for upheaval because possibly you don’t know how to enjoy the positive.

This may have been the way your household was or perhaps your partners growing up. Constant fighting, bickering, name calling or storming tends to become a habitual way of dealing with problems or simply creating them. It is important to consider why you are fighting or why you may attract these types of people.

Eliminating this baggage isn’t always easy but focusing on the positive in your relationships will help you to remember it is not worth the drama. If you want attention, simply ask for it rather than throw a tantrum. In the long run you will feel much more supported and less likely to continue this poor pattern in the future.

Learning how to avoid bad relationships is essential. Life sets individuals up with habits, patterns and negative conflicts which must be overcome before entering a partnership with someone new. While no two people are perfect, it is helpful to always analyze why you do the things you do to attract negative influences in your life. Begin working on yourself positively and you will find you will attract partners who respect you and treat you the way you treat them.

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