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How To Stop Emotional Eating

When you're sad, stressed out, depressed, or things just aren't going your way, eating can become a problem. While this might be acceptable to an extent, food can become a crutch.

If this happen, weight gain and other health problems might soon follow.

If relying on food is your thing, how to stop emotional eating is a subject you might want to explore more closely.

There are ways you can help yourself walk away from that bag of chips or that half gallon of ice cream.

To learn how to stop emotional eating, try doing these things:

Reducing Stress

When you need to learn how to stop emotional eating, stress reduction can be an important step. Try to reduce the sources of stress in your life, take measures to help yourself relax and explore alterations you can make in your routine that may assist in lessening stress.

If you can't change your routine to learn how to stop emotional eating, try some techniques to reduce stress impacts in your life. These things can help:

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* Exercising

* Positive affirmations

* Meditation

* Enjoyable hobbies

Removing Temptation

When you have a need to learn how to stop emotional eating, removing the temptations that are bad for you is an excellent way to go. Clean out your refrigerator and cabinets. Get rid of the junk food, snack temptations and garbage.

Even if this proves to be difficult, ridding your home of "junk" can be a wise choice overall. Snack foods are okay in moderation, but they can fuel serious problems when binge eating is a constant concern.

Since snacking is generally acceptable, take steps to make sure the options available are wise. Restock your groceries with items that are healthier for you. Things like fresh fruit, vegetables and even unbuttered popcorn can feed your desire to eat without adding a lot to your waistline.

Talk It Out

When you have the urge to snack to control emotions, try talking instead. This "distraction" is a great one that can help you work out the issues that are bothering you. The end result might be a real solution to your concerns.

Even if you can't resolve your issues, talking will help you get problems out in the open. This, on its own, can ease the control your problems have over your emotions. Stop And Think Before You Eat

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Emotional eating tends to be mindless eating. You grab the first thing that "looks" good and you dive into it with a passion. Stop doing this.

To learn how to stop emotional eating, force yourself to take a pause before you "feed the need." Ask yourself if you are really hungry. If you are, proceed to find something that makes more sense health wise. If you are not, try walking away and doing something else.

Do Something Else

Rather than eat every time you are upset, explore other things you can do to burn off the energy emotions can produce. Exercising, pursuing a hobby, talking on the phone, reading a book or even cleaning the house can all distract the mind.

Seek Professional Help

If emotional eating is a really big concern, it might be time to seek professional assistance. A counselor can assist you through the issues and teach you to refocus the "triggers" for emotional eating.

This is not an admittance of defeat. Rather, it's a great way to get past a rough patch in your life and help yourself regain the control you need.

If you need to learn how to stop emotional eating, you can win the battle. Working through the issues that trigger eating, making healthier choices when you're craving food or simply learning to walk away can all make a difference.

It's well known that women are the biggest victims of emotional eating. Women eat when they are happy, when they are sad, when they are stressed, or just when they are bored!

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