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How To Skyrocket Your Happiness Right Now

Happiness is a state of mind generated by satisfaction with your career, your recreational activities and, most importantly, your relationships.

Your career you can change by going to school or retraining in another field. Your activities can be readily shifted.

Your relationships are another matter altogether. Personal, intimate relationships are the motivating force behind much of what we do. If you are not content with your most important relationships, you cannot be happy.

If you already have an intimate partner, you should do everything you can to assure that this relationship is a good one. Both parties have to be involved to make your partnership a good one that will lead to happiness for both of you.

If you focus on making your partner happy, it will make you happy as well. Also, your partner will be inclined to reciprocate. Granted, everything can't be "wine and roses" all the time, but if you both put forth an effort, much of your time together will be happy.

Some things you can do to please your partner:

Bring small surprise gifts at unexpected times; candy or flowers for the ladies, a favorite beverage or snack for the guys.

2nd chance romance

Set up a surprise date; even if you don't leave the house you can share a candlelight dinner with a nice bottle of wine.

Perform little "honey-do's" without being asked; one of the biggest bones of contention between couples is the allotment of tasks. If these are accepted cheerfully and completed in a timely manner, it goes a long way towards preventing any discord in the relationship.

After you have agreed upon a shared division of household chores, help each other with theirs. This is more sharing for a common goal.

Develop and engage in shared activities; mutually fun and beneficial recreation further establishes your bond. Sports, hobbies, camping and hiking, outdoor activities, gardening, dancing lessons and crafts are just a few of the ways couples may share their leisure time.

Be spiritual together; go to Church and actively practice worship together. Common faith is one of the strongest bonds between couples.

Share your families and friends; a circle of loving family members from both sides as well as a broad circle of friends will be very supportive.

Always think about the positive side of your relationship; nothing is ever perfect, but if you put aside any negatives and dwell on the good parts of your partnership, your attitude will reflect this thinking.

Be open and sharing with your partner; do not keep your feelings inside. Be open with your partner and expect the same in return. Be a "mutual aid society."

Be your partner's best friend; you can be friends as well as lovers, so work at this side of your relationship, too.

Be fit and healthy together; develop a mutual health and fitness program. Be supportive of each other in reaching your individual goals. Exercise, eat right and be health conscious.

retreive a lover

Keep rediscovering the romance in your relationship; the romance only dies from disinterest. If you work at being romantic, it will become second nature and you will constantly rediscover each other.

Nothing and no one will guarantee your happiness, but if you work towards establishing a good intimate relationship, your happiness will "skyrocket." The freshness of constantly rekindled romantic moments will go a long way towards mutual contentment and happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind, not a physical manifestation. Convince yourself you are going to be happy, act happily and cheerfully and cherish your partner and you will ride that rocket.

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