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How To Feel More Attractive

Physical appearance is not the main reason for attractiveness. Contrary to popular belief, many people who are "pretty" or "handsome" are not attractive.

There are a thousand way a person can learn how to be more attractive. Most of them involve carriage, demeanor and attitude.

It certainly helps to have nice features and a trim and fit body, but these are not prerequisites for being attractive.

Remember, every really physically beautiful person is always sizing themselves up against people they think are much more beautiful than they.

Here are some ways for you to open up your natural beauty:

Don't hide behind a false persona as it only obstructs your true self. No one expects you to be perfect so embrace your true qualities.

Speak strongly and purposefully. When you talk, speak with authority.

Listen to others. The skill of listening is very appealing to the speaker. Truly listening will draw people to you.

Laugh often. Laughter radiates inner beauty. Don't overdo it though. A sense of humor is alluring, while a grouch is a turn-off.

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Smile a lot. Like laughing a smile radiates attractiveness. Statistically, the most successful people smile a lot.

Walk with pride. Keep your head up, not down. You appear more confident and confidence is attractive.

Make eye contact. Look people in the eye and it shows you really care about them. It also connects you better with others. Eye contact denotes honesty, too.

Do not a complainer be. Complaints are not a way to show anyone anything except what a complainer you are.

Feel Attractive. If you feel attractive, you will be perceived as attractive. It will release your natural beauty when you feel attractive.

Be open. Closed off people are not attractive nor do they develop strong intimate relationships. Allowing others to connect with you increases your attractiveness. Be real in your openness.

Cait Johnson in her Witch in the Kitchen, talks about the secret of attraction. Ms. Johnson said that we are often drawn to people who are not conventionally beautiful, but are found very attractive by nearly everyone.

Cait is apparently a believer in the occult and reads Tarot. Her "witchy" ways to feel more attractive involve the following:

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Get Magical Affirmation - Look into a mirror and repeat, "I am a channel for primal goddess energy. This goddess energy needs me to be strong and authentic. The more I am true to myself, the more I am true to her."

Allow the goddess to penetrate you very being.

Open your ears to others - The charm of being a good listener is attractive. Anoint your ears with lavender oil to open them to others.

Wear Magical Underwear - Dust your underwear with powdered orrisroot, which has been used for centuries in this way. Believe it to be fairy-dust that will help you rise above your normal self.

Eat Your Heat - Chew cloves, they are spicy and delicious and sweeten your breath. The taste on your tongue will remind you of how "hot" you are, how fiery your nature is. Attraction is about electricity, fire and heat. Revel in it.

Use a Rune - Draw a rune on your inner thigh with something that will create a non-toxic red line. You will know it is there, though no one else will, and a sense of allure will be on your face.

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Tie a Red Thread in Your Hair - Like the mythical sirens that lured sailors onto the rocks while they combed their hair, you can visualize your powers of attraction while you brush yours.

Tie a small red thread in your hair where it won't be noticed and it will remind you of your electric fire.

With this combination of common sense and a little witchcraft you have been shown here, you are certain to find some means to make yourself feel more attractive and find your sexy self again.