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How Can I Make This Marriage Last?

To find success in a long term commitment it is always a good idea to insure both you and your partner are working collectively towards a stronger foundation and therefore a joyous future.

If you are asking yourself; how can I make this marriage last? You are in a good place because this simply means you care enough about your partner and the long term strength of your union to work towards a happy marriage.

Here are a few helpful tips to insure you have a successful and lasting relationship.

Forget about the blame…

So many times couples try and point fingers and decipher who must be right or wrong in any dispute. The thing is, marriage is not a legal battle and a home is not a court house. It is completely irrelevant who is right but rather what can you both do to solve the problem. When the blame game becomes a habit, one or more partners will end up hurt, bitter or resentful and most likely both will feel completely unheard or dissatisfied.


Perhaps you have heard this word many times in reference to marriage; that’s because it works and is necessary. Marriage is the union of two individuals who operate independently of one another both in thought and action.

While you may have many things in common, this does not make you the same person. There will be plenty of times during your marriage when you won’t agree on a subject and will need to find a creative resolution. Learning the art of compromise will enable you to satisfy each others needs without completely sacrificing yourself.


Communication is not only a verbal discussion but also non verbal. Any actions or advances in sharing yourself with your partner will better the relationship in the long run. The importance of understanding your spouse and learning to listen as well as speak will benefit your ability to solve problems together and achieve goals. Communicating will also provide a solid foundation for you both to join together as you navigate through life’s obstacles (many of which you both share).


Having respect and a mutual concern and consideration for your partner at all times will insure a successful marriage. Thinking about what you can do to positively affect your spouse each day will allow you to give them what they need to feel loved and supported. If you spend more time worrying about what they are doing for you, you are missing the opportunity of sharing your unique love with your partner.

Always think of what you can do to better care for and love your spouse and your marriage will blossom. Consider, you will get back what you give and sometimes you have to make the first move in this direction.

Friendship and Intimacy

You cannot have one without the other. A solid marital foundation is based on trust and friendship. From there, partners can learn intimacy and introduce each other to their private thoughts, moments and desires. Intimacy is not necessarily simply a reference for sexual contact but also how willing you both are to be open and accepting of one another’s deepest feelings.

Are you able to stand naked before each other both physically and emotionally? Can you laugh at each other and share your innermost thoughts and fears without concern of judgment? These are the forms of intimacy which are imperative to have in any marriage. By trusting in each other and knowing you hold each other sacred, you will be strong in the face of adversity.

If asking; how can I make this marriage last means you want to start off on the right foot, you are in good hands with the above information. Even if you want to work on bettering a partnership which has been struggling; you will be able to address foundational issues and work on the strengths of your togetherness rather than focusing on the weaknesses. The important consideration is that you work together towards this end with complete trust in one another’s desire for change and growth.

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