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Win Your Ex Back – Know How They Feel About You!

Wanting your ex back and getting your ex back will require you to make observations when you run into him or her to find out if you have any kind of shot at winning him or her back. It will also require you to let go of doing things that will only push him or her further out the door.

Then you need to find out where he or she stands so you know if you have a chance. So look for the signs below to determine where your ex is at with you.

If your partner makes a concentrated effort to really listen and pay attention, you know there is some interest there. So have a conversation and see if they respond appropriately and show you they were indeed paying attention. If you are on the phone, did they let you complete your thoughts without interrupting? Then again they are showing an interest.

The next time you are going to see him for whatever reason, meeting up with friends or meeting as friends, wear a new outfit and/or new perfume/cologne. See if your partner not only notices but also makes a comment about it. Assuming it is a positive comment, you now know he or she is definitely interested.

If your ex tries to contact you in any way through calls, texts, emails, friends he or she still has some level of feelings.

You are working to improve yourself and maybe even your appearance so your ex notices. If he or she is suddenly doing the same thing you should know exactly what they are up to. They want to get your attention as well. This should be setting off every green flag you own. If they are trying to get your attention, they definitely have feelings.

Also if he or she finds ways to run into you at places that he or she knows when and where you will be there, that is not a coincidence. That is him or her wanting to see you, spend a few minutes making contact, hoping to reconnect.

Finally, if when you do see each other he or she finds a way to make any kind of physical contact, be it: brushing past you, touching your elbow, or the small of your back. They are touching when they know they have given up the right to.

If you want to know how your ex feels about you all you have to do is pay attention to how he or she is acting around you. Do they ignore you or engage in conversation? Do they make an effort to keep in contact?

Have they been working on their appearance as much as you have been working on yours? Do they go out of their way to see you, and spend time with you whenever possible? And when you are around each other does he or she find a way to touch you, to show you they still want that connection?

If you answered yes to most of those questions the ball is now in your court, you know how they feel about you, now you have to decide what to do with that.

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