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What to Do If They Have a Bad Attitude

What to do if they have a bad attitude is a question anyone on a venture to remove negativity from their life will no doubt ask.

This is especially so if the "offending person" is the love of your life and you're trying to mend broken fences.

Is it possible to deal with your ex's bad attitude without walking away or failing yourself in the process?

Absolutely! You do not have to let your ex's bad mood or attitude bring you down. Nor do you have to cave into it and walk on eggshells to your own detriment.

Here's what to do if they have a bad attitude and it's time to combat it for your sanity, your sweetheart's benefit and your relationship's sake:

* Open up a dialogue - If you really want to know what to do if they have a bad attitude, you might need to open the lines of communication. Simply ask what is wrong and why. Inquire what can be done to fix it. Do so in a non-accusing and nonthreatening matter. Remember, you're not trying to pick a fight. Your goal is to get to the heart of the matter.

* Be a good listener - If you're trying to find out what to do if they have a bad attitude, open-mindedness is a must. If the lines of communication do open, listen closely to what is said. Your job at this point is discovery, not countering.

* Stick to the topic - When you're trying to find out what to do if they have a bad attitude and the "they" is actually one person and it's your ex, brace yourself for hearing things you may not enjoy.

It is possible that a past action of yours is what is causing that bad attitude today. If this is the case, resist the temptation to counterattack.

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* Stick to the main topic - your ex's bad attitude and its causes. You can address your grievances at another time. While it is essential to address all issues and put them out on the table when rebuilding a relationship is the ultimate goal, one topic at a time keeps mud out of the waters and enables clearer progress.

* Be understanding - Everyone has a right to their feelings. Acknowledge them and try to put yourself in your ex's shoes. If you really want to know what to do when they have a bad attitude, having compassion and understanding for feelings is essential.

Even if you don't fully agree, accept that your ex is feeling "angry," "negative," "sad," "disappointed." It's OK to state your own feelings, but avoid belittling your partner's.

* Approach negativity with positivity - As they say, opposites attract. If your ex has a bad attitude, proceed in a positive fashion. Avoid allowing your ex's attitude or mood to rub off on you. If you both fall into a funk, matters will only complicate.

* Provide some space, if necessary - Depending on the issue causing the bad attitude, your ex may simply require some time to think the situation through. Trying to "battle it out" when your ex is down simply may not have positive results no matter how cheery you remain.

If you try to find out what to do when they have a bad attitude and your ex counters with a request for time or space, provide it - at least for a while.

Learning what to do if they have a bad attitude requires a willingness to communicate fairly without allowing another person's mood to rub off on you. If emotions are too hot or maintaining a positive approach is just not possible in the heat of the moment, step back, think things through and try again later.

Remember, you cannot always change someone's attitude, but you can choose to be happy and positive yourself.

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