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Ways to Get Back With Your Ex

Having someone break up with you is no fun. It hurts and if we didn’t see it coming we certainly have a lot of feelings running around in there that we now don’t know what do with.

As a result of those feelings people sometimes do things that hinder any chance they have of getting back with their ex. This article is going to go over some ways to get back with your ex.

First and foremost, immediately stop communicating with your ex. You will not be stopping contact forever, but there does need to be a break in the communication.

Do not send out a public announcement that you are ending the contact, just do it, starting right now. And the break needs to be a chunk of time, minimum of a week, no more than a month or they may move on without you. If you do run into each other during this time a quick hello is all there should be, or a very short casual conversation if necessary.

During this time when you are not in contact you are to pull yourself together. He or she does not ever need to know you were in panic mode, because panic equals unattractive. If your ex thinks you fall apart over a break up then you certainly can’t handle life’s bigger obstacles. So use this time to compose yourself and act rationally.

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Next, take some time to really think about why you want him or her back. How were things before the break up? Did you sense things were getting bad? There had to be times when you argued. What was it that you argued about?

How did you feel before the break up, were you happy? Do you really want him or her back? If the answer is yes then you need to move forward to have any shot of doing that. You need to know you are OK without him or her that you will survive and be happy again.

Finally, take steps to become a better you. If you don’t already, start exercising, it is great for boosting your mood. Get out and be around friends. You may not feel like doing it, but force yourself to go out and socialize, again a mood booster.

And really start enjoying your life, because if you run into your ex somewhere, he or she will know you aren’t waiting around feeling sorry for yourself and that all by itself will draw him or her back your way. They will want to know why, all of a sudden, you aren’t a mess anymore. Are you seeing someone new? Why are you so happy?

There are more ways to get back with your ex so don’t give up all hope yet. Take the steps discussed: end communication, now, decide for sure if this is what you want, pull yourself together and start exercising, go out and socialize and most important enjoy life. If your ex sees you out and about they will begin to wonder what they are missing and begin the journey back to you.

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