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Rebuilding Relationship

Anyone in a relationship knows it can be similar to a roller coaster. It has its up and it certainly has it downs.

And it can also be similar to drugs, when you are up everything feels great, both of you are happy and you feel like with your partner you two can conquer the world.

However, when the high wears off and you begin heading back down it can feel like you just crashed into a wall going 100 mph.

Every couple has times when it feels like the relationship has crashed. It is when you have crashed that you need to begin rebuilding the relationship from the ground up.

In order to rebuild your relationship, properly, it will not be an overnight project. It takes time and hard work. And by building a good foundation you will learn, in time how to keep your relationship from crashing as hard next time.

The first step is to figure out what the heck went wrong, or in other words, identify the issue. And understand it is possible and likely that there will be more than one issue to identify. The relationship could be in trouble or ending because of one of the following: infidelity, money, fights, distance, trust, fights.

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And you have to back to go back to the beginning of your relationship and fix all the issues from the beginning. Otherwise you are just putting band aids over the wound that needs 10 stitches and will either bleed through or fall off making a bigger mess. So if you are going to all the trouble to fix it, why not try to fix it all.

The next step is to actually fix each individual problem. A great place to begin is with you. We all have things about ourselves that need a bit of fixing and sometimes those things affect our relationships. So if you fix what you can then your partner will see how important this is to you and they will want to work too.

Another step is to realize you can fix it all and still not succeed if you don’t build from where you are. You have to not only maintain what you have fixed but also grow from there. You can’t leave it and expect it to grow on its own.

If you take the proper steps you will not only build your relationship back to where it was, but you will notice it is better than it was and will keep getting better.

The last step which is sometimes the hardest is to be patient. It takes time to rebuild a relationship and it takes that ongoing effort. But instead of jumping in and out of the relationship, take the time to identify the problems, fix each one, including whatever you can do to fix your part, then not only maintain, but also continue to help the relationship grow so you can be happy together again.

And this time you will be in an even better position to keep the relationship going stronger, longer. And perhaps you will be able to notice issues before they get out of hand making it easier to fix as you go.

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