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How to Tell If Your Ex Still Loves You

Sometimes after a relationship ends we think about our ex and remember the good times. We also wonder if they think about us at all. Thoughts of maybe it could have worked if we had just given it more of a chance.

This leads you to wanting to be back with your ex, but unsure how he or she feels about you. Well, this article is all about giving you the tips to pay attention to, to find out if your ex still loves you, making getting back together a possibility.

The first tip is, if your ex is in contact with you in any way, by choice there are definitely some feelings of some kind there. When the person who broke up with you hasn’t completely cut you out of his or her life, that means they still have some positive feelings in there, even if they are not aware of them.

The next tip is, if your ex actually schedules time with you, or makes an effort to see you by “bumping” into you at the gym, or still gets coffee in the morning knowing you will be there getting yours. If someone is truly done with any feelings, they will avoid running into you, not making the effort to run into you.

The third tip is, if your ex finds ways to buy you things or sends you a card on your birthday. Or does other nice things for you like buys you coffee when they run into you, or offers to come over to fix something they know is broken.

The fourth tip is, if your ex brings up the past, reminding you about a good memory, or a funny story about your relationship. Or mentions something that was negative in the relationship, on their end and how they have worked to fix that about themselves.

The next tip is, if your ex still involves you in some way, the same way they did when you were together. For example, if he or she texted you during boring meetings and still does that, that is a very good indicator that there are some feelings still floating around.

The sixth tip is, if your ex tries to get information about you either through friends or family. It may come in the form of just casual conversation, asking how you are doing or more personal trying to find out if you are dating anyone.

Finally the last tip, if your ex finds ways to make physical contact of any kinds. For example, brushes past you, touching your shoulder, moves hair out of your face, or finds a way to touch your hand or elbow.

Someone who has no interest in another person emotionally won’t do any of the tips listed above. If someone is truly done with a relationship they don’t want to see you or spend time with you and they certainly are going to be asking about you or buying you gifts. If your ex is doing even just a few of the above tips then there are definitely feelings there. And if they are doing all of them, you can bet they still love you.

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