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How to Tell If My Ex Really Wants Me Back

We have all been there, the relationship has ended and you don’t want it to be over. So, you call them just to see how they are, text them, email them, or accidentally bump into them, every other day. This is called stalking and will certainly push your ex further out the door and possibly locking it permanently.

The other thing people do is go the opposite and pretend they have completely moved on, which on one level makes sense, making you seem more appealing or they will really think you have moved on and assume getting back together is not an option.

The third option is to wait and see. They may show you that realize on their own that they want you back. Then you can just sit back and observe. You will know if he or she wants you back by watching for the following signs:

1. Tries to make contact either directly or indirectly through family or friends.

2. Still looks at you in the same way and touches you as if you were still dating.

3. Seems to linger longer than, on the phone and in person. Sends you emails, and does what he or she can do to be near you.

4. Seems to be working on the things you told him or her drive you crazy and makes sure you know about it. This could be their appearance, getting a better job that makes more money, etc…

5. Is all of a sudden doing things that he or she knows would make you happy, like getting somewhere on time, or call if they are going to be late. Or not doing things like putting their elbow on the table because they know it annoys you.

6. Finds a way to take the conversation to when you were together and how things could have been better. Or through conversation tries to get you to tell him or her if you are dating anyone.

7. He or she talks about their future and it always seems to include you in it.

If you are seeing several of these signs, you can assume your ex wants you back. So now it is up to you. First you must decide that having them back is for sure what you want. You have had a bit of time away now to determine that if you still have feelings and want to try things again.

Assuming you are still interested in getting back with your ex, you need to do some sole searching. The relationship ended for a reason and both of you are responsible for that. You have to look at your end of the responsibility and see what mistakes you made. Own up to them, and figure out how you can improve yourself so that if you do get back with your ex you don’t make the same mistakes again.

If your ex is making the effort and he or she sees you doing the same they will approach you and see if you are in a place to try again.

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