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How To Win Back Your Ex-Wife

Relationships nowadays start and end too abruptly that, before we know it, we make decisions that become the biggest regrets of our lives.

Many couples, for instance, resort to divorce when simple misunderstandings get in the way of marriage.

Now, you may already be one of the many ex-husbands who wish to have their ex-wives back.

The problem with winning an ex back is that it may be a little harder to try to rekindle the flame and woo her back, especially if she has gone through a very emotional phase.

However, if you are really determined to spend the rest of the life with her, it may just be worth the try to win back her heart.

1) Give it some time.

Divorces are often filled with a wide range of emotions. If you cheated on your wife in the past, went off with a younger woman but realized that it was really your wife you want back then be prepared for anger and rage. As the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. It may be best to give it some time for the matters to cool down before you start wooing her again.

2) Determine the cause of the separation.

Was it your being a jerk? Were you cheating on her? Did you no longer have time for her? Determine the contributing factors that may have led to the separation. If your wife had just simply gotten tired of your arrogant and irresponsible ways then changing such characteristics and turning them into better ones may give you a better shot at getting your ex-wife back in your arms.

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3) Stop blaming and apologize.

The problem with a lot of couples nowadays is that they tend to blame each other’s weaknesses and, in business terms, liabilities when untoward incidences come their way. Thus, nobody ever admits that they were wrong and both parties find it difficult to swallow their pride and apologize. Relationships work when there is compromise and understanding. It may be best that one stop blaming the other and instead be ready to say “I’m sorry” with no if’s and but’s.

4) Give importance and attention to her.

Do you really want her to love you back like the way she used to? Perhaps she is starting to no longer feel happy of the relationship because you are no longer paying attention to her. Give her a compliment every now and then and comment about the little trivial details of her life, this will definitely brighten her up every single time. If you have nothing else better to say, though, it may be best to just keep it to yourself.

5) Respect and love her with all you can.

All a woman really wants for her man is respect and love. Most women would just want to see Prince Charming in their husbands and partners so you should be ready to fill in that role. Give your ex-wife all the love and respect you can possibly give and you should be able to win her back in no time.

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