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Many couples break up and realize they made a huge mistake. The good news is it’s not too late, even if you think its impossible getting my ex back, it’s not. Follow these guidelines to make this happen.


The first thing you need to do is determine why the break up occurred and take responsibility for your part in the matter. Every relationship has two sides, two personalities and two perspectives.

Try looking at the situation from your partner’s point of view to help you see where you may have failed. From there, you should make an apology for your wrong doings. It is a good idea to keep this to the point and avoid pleading to get back together right away. Otherwise your partner may feel you are insincere and are only apologizing because you want to get them back.


Part of apologizing requires empathy. Not only thinking about how the other person feels but actually feeling what they felt in your mind. If you can consider what transpired to lead them to the break up you can emotionally support them with understanding.

Every individual wants to be heard and understood so if you can convey this type of empathetic approach, you will have much more success in winning them back.


You may need to consider giving your ex a bit of space immediately after a break up. If you have respect for them and are considerate of their wishes, they will appreciate that in the long run.

You certainly don’t want to come across as insecure by begging for another chance. This only makes you weak and needy. Instead, take the time to reflect yourself on what took place and allow them some room to breath or be free for a bit.

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Begin a routine of self improvement. If there are changes you need to make in your relationship, start making them with yourself. Use the time apart to work on new interests and develop a better person for your ex to become acquainted with when you do get back together.

Once you reestablish contact with them it will be a great conversational tool and way for you to show you can make changes. This will increase your desirability as a person.


Listen to your ex…really listen. What are they trying to say? What do they mean by their words? Be sure you are clear about what it is that bothers them and show them you hear them loud and clear.

A good method is to repeat what is being said to you and then define in your own words the meaning. This will make your ex feel like you are truly able to listen and they will trust you more. This is a very crucial step in winning back a lost love.


Hands down, confidence is the most attractive quality in any person. Find ways to improve your confidence and self esteem so your ex will become curious about what you are up to. You should always have good body language which includes posture. A confident person is sure and is the focus in the room.

Not because they are drawing bad attention but because they look like they belong or own the room. Always be conscious of yourself but don’t waste time reflecting on your negativities. A low self esteem will show up if you don’t do something about changing it in your mind and body.

While many want to know if it’s possible, getting my ex back, the truth is, few are willing to do what it takes to proceed. If you really care about your partner and want to win them back, you will need to have patience and work on these changes in order to be successful.

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