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Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings for You After the Break-up?

Sometimes when a couple splits, it’s hard to judge the emotional state of the other person. Especially if you were the one broken up with in the first place.

Perhaps you are finding yourself wondering, does your ex still have feelings for you after the break-up? While it would seem this would be fairly obvious, often times it is not an easy determination.

People hide their hurt and sorrow in many ways, just as they mask their attraction and desires resulting in hidden objectives and unclear messages. There are a few hints which may help you to determine whether feelings are there or not.


If your ex is still trying to communicate with you in any way, whether sending messages or emails, calling or perhaps through word of mouth – they most likely still have feelings and don’t want to let go.

Body Language

If your ex doesn’t avoid eye contact with you or looks down and smiles when you see them, this is a sign of flirtation and bashfulness. They are openly expressing a coy trait and therefore most likely want your attention.


If your ex partner is overtly trying to make you jealous by flirting in front of you, flaunting photos with others or perhaps dating your friends, this could be a sign they are simply trying to get your interest back. While it is an immature way to handle things, they may just be feeling desperate.

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If your ex has dropped off the face of the earth or you hear rumors from close friends or family members that they have shut themselves in after the break up, you can be sure it is because they still have feelings. These are such feelings as to cause them to not participate in life because it seems over for them.

Meet Up

If your ex agrees to meet you out somewhere or come over, you can be fairly certain they still have feelings or they would consider this to be torture. When they agree to meet up to discuss the relationship, they are inevitably saying they want to give it another chance.


If your ex still sends you birthday cards or gifts, they most likely have feelings. Otherwise, certainly they could spend their money on someone else instead.

Booty Call

While this could be a mixed message, a booty call is a way of saying, “Hey, I miss having sex with you”. It may not be a sign of wanting to head back full swing into a relationship but it certainly would indicate an intimate level of feelings.


If you receive a random apology or pleading “I’m Sorry’s” you can be sure your ex wants you back. They wouldn’t put themselves out on the limb if they didn’t have feelings for you and want to make up for the past.

Does your ex still have feelings for you after the break up? This is not generally too difficult to miss and could be meaning that they would like to make up with you. Ultimately, if you are having contact with the person in any way, even if it is through texting or third party interactions, you can be sure this is on purpose. Your ex is giving signals that they are not willing to let go completely.

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