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Can You And Your Ex Get Back Together

You need to do a bit of soul searching if you really want to get back together with your ex partner. You need to start by being completely honest with yourself.

If you and your ex partner get back together, will it genuinely bring you happiness? What are the chances you will not end up down the exact path that brought about your break up in the first place?

After a break up, it’s very easy to only think of the nice times but when you think that you and your ex could get back together, you ought to reflect on the bad times too so that you avoid repeating the same mistakes once you’re back together.

Is every relationship worth fighting for?

The fact is that some relationships are not worth the hassle of reconciliation. If you spent more time and energy in your relationship fighting and squabbling over who is right or wrong, then it’s better to consider permanent separation.

Go your own separate ways because chances are you’ll start right from where you ended it when you get back. If by any chance your squabbles led to physical fights or even verbal exchanges, then there is a good chance that your relationship was doomed from the get go and it certainly was a bad one.

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Another pointer that shows you shouldn’t get back with your ex is if they were very needy or unstable. They may not show it when you’re trying to reconcile but it will soon show up because needy people hardly change.

What not to do if you still want your partner back

One thing you’ll want to avoid when trying to reconcile is to torment your ex with calls, text messages or emails. When you try to show up in your ex’s face at the slightest opportunity, you’ll only cause more damage than good. These are characteristics of needy individuals and you literally come off as a stalker. When this happens, your ex will only find ways to keep as far away from you as possible.

Another thing you’ll want to avoid is to plead and grovel with your ex about your past relationship. It’s true that life after a break up can be hard; you’re back living alone and the mind can easily conjure up negative thoughts and actions that you may or may not have committed. The best thing to avoid these thoughts is to keep busy. Catch up on your work or start a new activity.

Don’t make it hard on yourself just because it’s your ex that initiated the separation and gave you reasons why. You might be forced to dwell on the things you did wrong or what you might have done, but what’s done is done. The sooner you move on, the better.

If you can bring yourself to calm down and give your ex time and space as you go on with your life, it will benefit you in many ways. In fact, you’re likely be more appealing to your ex just because you’re giving them a chance to miss you.

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