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Win Her Back… By Doing Nothing!

When a woman tells you it is over, for at least the immediate future, it is over. If you try to beg your way back in, you may make a little headway, but then if you push it you will blow any shot you have of winning her back.

You have two choices here, fall into the stalker category and that is all she will remember, or accept it, and walk away, head held high and that is what she will remember. Which sounds more appealing to you?

So in order to win her back by doing nothing, you have to do what is hardest for guys in particular to do and that is, do nothing. When she tells you it is over, immediately accept that, tell her you love her, tell her you wish her only happiness and let her go.

Do not call her, text her, email her or send up messages on air plane. Leave her completely and totally alone for at least one month after the break up. If she hasn’t called you by then and you haven’t been bothering her for the last month, call her to see if she will meet for a drink.

Now assuming she accepts do not go into the evening planning on telling her how much you missed her, how much you want her back or that you dream of her every night, this will only send her running for the hills in a hurry.

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You need to be calm, cool and collected. Spend the time you have with her reminding her of the guy she fell for in the first place. Not with your words, show her by being yourself, being the person she remembers.

Again assuming you didn’t do any of the things I told you not to do and the evening went well, this next step is critical. Do not ask to see her again! Do not beg her to come back to you! By staying calm her she has no reason to go out again, and you can casually see if she would like to do drinks again, no pressure, just a what it, no date set. Then you can call her in a few days, a week and she will have no reason to say no to drinks again.

By meeting a few more times, relaxed, no pressure to meet again, she will begin to remember on her own the good times. She will remember the old you, the one she fell for the first time. And very important here, she has to recall the memories on her own. If you push in any way, you may have to start all over again.

This does not guarantee that you will win her back, but it does give you your very best shot. It is the most natural way to get the girl you lost back. By doing nothing you are giving you both time and space to remember the good times and find your old selves. The one you each fell for in the first place.

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connect and commit

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