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Tips On How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Alright guys, Alright guys, so you’ve finally seen the light and realized, aw shucks, you want her back right?


Well, luckily this is possible but it is very important to follow the proper protocol or you could end up right back in the dog house again.

Below are a few tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend back once and for all.

Tip 1: Do Not repeatedly text or call her.

Instead try sending one meaningful message or leave a voicemail once you have both had time to cool down. Express your feelings for her (but don’t sound pathetic) and let her know you would like to work it out.

Whatever you do, DON’T beg, plead or put pressure on her to come back. Leave it at this, “regardless of what you decide, I want you to know I love you. I want you to be happy and am willing to let you go if that’s what it takes.”

If you are sincere, she will most likely feel truly loved by you and may be more willing to work things out.

Tip 2: Move on while still letting her know you care.

Now, this is not suggesting an all out jealous seeking rampage. Showcasing your new replacement fling on your facebook page, for example, is not the way to go.

That being said, it is a good idea to continue living your life. Hang out with friends; fill your time with things other than wallowing in self pity. Posted photos of your recent kayak trip or visit with the nieces may spark a memory and remind her of good times. The fact that you are strong enough to move on may actually pique her curiosity and cause her to rethink the break up altogether.

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Tip 3: Develop a friendship again.

Start back at the beginning. Show her you care enough to be her friend. Once in awhile send her a message with a funny or cute photo or inside joke. Letting her know you remember who she is, will remind her how close you were. Once you have a true friendship, then you can let her know how you still feel. More often than naught, she may be feeling the same way.

Tip 4: Groom!

Well, it would seem obvious but you would be surprised how many guys just give up. Whatever you do, do NOT stop grooming! At this point it’s game on and you are now competing with many other available bachelors for her attention. This is not the time to call it quits, avoid the shower, and develop a truckers gut or Gandolph beard.

Keep up with your appearance showing her you can still look good. This will ignite the chemistry every time she sees you. Join a gym and get in shape. Shock her with a new you and remind her you are also available and on the market now. She may realize she doesn’t want to share you after all.

Tip 5:  Take It Slow.

When most relationships end, one or both partners tend to feel the surging excitement of freedom followed by the lonely onset of regret. Your goal is to make sure you are not actively pursuing her while she is a shiny new penny on a free bird adventure.

Wait and take it slow. Give her a chance to miss you. Once being single has lost the luster and a few lonely evenings have settled in, then make your move.

Regardless of the reasons for the breakup, if you follow these tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend back, you will be on your way back to her heart. Remember to keep a cool head and give her space. Take your time to find yourself and become someone who is worthy of her love.

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