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The Biggest Mistakes Men Make in a Relationship

As a man, have you ever walked away from a relationship, scratching your head not really knowing what you did wrong.

And as a woman from the outside do you ever want to yell at a man and say, “What on earth were you thinking?”

Men and women are so different it and I can’t say I can give you all the answers to every situation, but there are definitely mistakes men make in relationships.

This article will cover a few of things men can do to make fewer mistakes and be more helpful.

One mistake that men make is, believing women don’t really need or want the “knight in shining armor”. In today’s world men can’t be quite as obvious about it. They have to exude confidence and strength without shoving it in a woman’s face.

And women can smell fear. If a man is not truly confident she will know it and run the other way. So, men, if you have fears, deal with them, and work through them and be the man you were meant to be. Women will recognize that and respect it.

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Again, unfortunately in today’s society men feel like being romantic gets them in trouble. But any woman serious about a relationship wants a man that knows how to be romantic. It needs to be done in a classy and original way, not in an overbearing or over-the-top way.

I am an independent woman, but I can tell you, when a man holds a door open for me, I am touched and appreciative. Being a gentleman is not about controlling a woman, but showing her you respect her. Being a gentleman is all about letting her know you care about her and respect her enough to let her go first.

Another surprising one for a lot of men is, yes make a decision. A woman does not like a man who is “wishy, washy”, otherwise she will see you as someone who doesn’t care or who has no interest. If you disagree with something say so. It doesn’t mean you have to fight about it, or that you have to agree in the end, but it does show that you have a spine and aren’t afraid to have a confrontation.

Be sincere, honest and genuine. You would be surprised how fast a woman can tell a man is not being himself. And being over confident is not attractive; a woman will just see you as trying way too hard and not being genuine at all.

You don’t have to know it all, a woman much prefers a man to admit, that he doesn’t know something rather than make it up only for her to find out later that he was full of bologna.

The list above is just the tip of the ice burg of mistakes men make in relationships and how to avoid making the ultimate mistakes of scaring a woman off, or making her thing you aren’t honest and genuine. So, read the list and don’t make those mistakes, make them work to your advantage.mind movies

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