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Learn How to Make a Girl Happy With These 4 Easy Tips

Some women are more difficult to please than others. Fortunately, there are several key ingredients which when used simultaneously, will make most women adore you.

Learn how to make a girl happy with these 4 easy tips and be on your way to attracting women and keeping them!

Tip #1: Compliment

This may seem self explanatory, for who doesn’t like a compliment right? Well, the truth is most guys don’t know how to give women compliments which are sincere and touching enough to make them remember. Women are used to compliments, especially attractive women so simply throwing a few generalities around and thinking you are Mr. Awesome just doesn’t cut it.

If you want to compliment a girl, what you have to do is develop a keen sense of observation. Notice something special about her which others may miss. Perhaps she has this cute way of tilting her head – mention it. Maybe she is particularly talented in her area of expertise or study – tell her you noticed.

The important thing is to be specific. Don’t give her the same boring lines like – you are pretty or you look nice. Instead, watch and think about how to say things in a way that makes her feel special. Ultimately your goal is to make her feel like you have never said those words to another woman before.

Tip #2: Laughter

Having nice hearty laughs is a great way to enjoy each others company. This doesn’t mean you should be a clown or rent a dumb, fraternity style comedy movie. Rather, try and keep things fun and light. Be playful and fun. If she feels lighthearted when she is with you, any worries, concerns or fears will melt away. All she will remember is how happy you made her.

Laughter releases “feel good” endorphins or chemicals in our bodies which aid in healing, relieving stress and promoting an overall sense of well being. Obviously, any woman who is constantly smiling around you is going to be enthusiastic and feel great!

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Tip #3: Open Up

It’s not that girls want a guy to boo hoo and cry on their shoulder about their every fear and sorrow. What they DO want is a guy who is not afraid to discuss things in an uninhibited way. By saying and doing things which are heartfelt or with complete openness, you are ultimately giving her the biggest compliment of all – which is trust!

When you are trusted, she will feel readily eager to share herself with you and this is what all girls long to do! You will be surprised as you give more of your emotional self to her, how well received you will be in her eyes and how much more she will give back.

Good topics to share include: dreams, hopes, embarrassing moments, passions, fears and ideals. You may want to stay away from negative topics which involve conflicts between you unless you are able to put a positive spin on them.

Tip #4: Listening with Empathy

Honestly, if you want to learn how to make a girl happy with these 4 easy tips, your best bet is to work on your listening skills and be able to relate. Many women feel unheard or misunderstood, especially with guys. This is because women are emotional thinkers or “feelers”. Everything experienced is felt and this runs deep!

While a guy may hear something and analyze it in a logical format; a female will listen and absorb what she hears first. Once she has literally “felt” or experienced it, she will intuitively determine whether or not she should analyze it further or she may simply react.

Once you learn to really hear a female you can begin to understand them by incorporating a sense of empathy. Empathy is nothing more than being able to imagine you are in those shoes and relate.

Therefore if she is expressing her fear of public speaking and how she botched up a play in school long ago, you should be trying to imagine that embarrassing scenario. Consider the results of her moment, what was it like? Did the students make fun of her? Did that shape who she is now. Talk about it with her and possibly share a related story where you were equally embarrassed.

If you can incorporate these ideas, women will feel cherished, respected and appreciated around you. You will never have to worry about finding dates or keeping girlfriends when you learn how to make a girl happy with these 4 easy tips. They are relatively simple and highly effective!

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