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Learn How to Get Back With Ex Girlfriend Easily

While break-ups are a loathsome part of many relationships, if it has happened to you, you can learn how to get back with ex-girlfriend easily by following a few guidelines.

Some couples break up every so often or this could occur as a regular relationship pattern which indicates you simply need to change things up.

Regardless whether you need to add some spark or completely revamp the partnership, here are a few helpful ideas to get your girl back.

Time: The calendar and the watch!

Consider two components when it comes to time. First, you and your girl had a history together. Whether it was weeks, months or years; your time together will be one of the key elements of getting her back.

Women look at relationships like an investment as well as a big check list. Made it through the month – check. Said I love you – check. Cried on his shoulder – check. You see, the history between you is huge and she will have a harder time letting go the more she remembers and considers the investment.

Your job is to help her reminisce about the past you’ve shared. Maintaining a friendship with your ex will allow you to occasionally drop a message. Include inside jokes, things you recall which are positive and photos of memories.

Plans you have made together will also be a trigger for her as she most likely is emotionally involved in the ideals you put forth together. All of these components will ignite her inner sense of need and regret.

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The second factor to consider when it comes to time is how long you wait to begin trying to get her back. The best advice is to give her a break from you and make her miss you. If you immediately try and start up a dialogue of apologies or send her sentimental messages, she will be annoyed you didn’t respect her enough to give her some space. Back off for a bit and allow her to be curious about how you are spending your single time.

Jealousy in a good way

It may sound immature but jealousy can often work out well. The important thing is how you handle this tactic. You don’t want to be an outright player and hope the word gets back to her. This will simply cause her to lose respect in who you are and make her think she never really knew you to begin with.

If enough time has gone by and you have a friendship with her of sorts, consider dating an acquaintance or someone she knows (but not too well) stay away from close friends or family members. When the word gets back to her you are not only attractive to her but to other females around her, she may reconsider giving you up so easily.

Posting photos of a date or two is another good way to do this. After all, you are single, what did she expect. Keep this classy, however and make sure you don’t do this the next day after your break-up.

Give it time, generally a few weeks is appropriate. You will certainly pique her interest. Shortly after you can get back in touch and put a few gentle feelers out to see if she may have a spark of interest in hanging out.

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Be Quirky and Romantic

It’s okay once time has gone by to let her know you want her back. Do this in a creative way which will make her smile or say “awww.” Here are a few good ideas to romanticize your getting back together.

• Love notes posted at her work, on her car or somewhere random where she will find them.

• Singing Telegram professing your love.

• Apologizing over a loud speaker somewhere where she can hear.

• A serenade of her favorite song or your song together (regardless of whether you are a good singer or not)

• Order M&M’s online which can be personalized to say “I’m sorry” or “I still love you.”

• A letter or PowerPoint presentation which lists all the things you love about her and all the things she probably wants you to change or fix and a plan of how you will go about making yourself better.

• A goodie basket left outside her doorstep with all her favorite things.

• Schedule a meet up and surprise her with a candlelit dinner which you cook and rose petals spelling out “I’m Sorry”.

• Make a “Lost” sign (like the ones made for puppies and kittens) and post her picture saying “Lost Girlfriend” list all of her amazing qualities and post it on a tree near her house.

To learn how to get back with ex-girlfriend easily, your best bet is to make a big effort to surprise her with your love. Rather than calling her up and begging her back with promises of change, show her how hard you are willing to work to make her happy.

Step outside yourself and go out on a limb. If she knows you at all, she will be touched by the gesture knowing it isn’t something you would normally do. This openness and willingness to win her back will put a smile on her face and touch her in a way nothing else can.

Finally, never underestimate the sentimental. If you can strike a chord of remembrance as well as remind her of the good and sweet qualities you have, you will have a much better chance. Learn how to get back with ex-girlfriend easily by surprising her with your emotional vulnerability as well as your ability to maturely handle being single and giving her space and time.

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