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How to Win Her Back in 6 Months or Less

So, you lost the girl and you don’t know what to do about it? Good news; this step by step guide for reinvention will teach you how to win her back after a breakup in 6 months or less.

By the end of the program you should be able to ignite that old flame and get yourself out of the dog house.

Month 1:

This month is all about space; yours and hers. During this time do some self digging, analyzing and realization. It is important during this period to simply let her go. Don’t worry, in 6 months, she’ll be back.

Month 2:

Send her a text checking in on her. The idea here is to open up a dialogue and start a new friendship. Don’t pry, don’t ask to see her; simply let her know you still care. If she responds, text her something short every 2 weeks.

Continue working on yourself. Start a new hobby. Preferably one that is uplifting, fulfilling and aids in your personal growth. Work on your physical appearance; join a gym or hiking club.

Month 3:

At this stage, you are at the midpoint in the how to win her back in 6 months or less program. Hopefully, by now you have at least exchanged a few messages. If you haven’t, reach out to a mutual friend. Let them know that although you have changed for the better, you are still interested in her and miss her.

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Have them let her know. Don’t message her again until the end of the month. When you do, have it be unrelated. Something you found she might enjoy or perhaps a cute photo of your dog she loved.

If you do have a dialogue, invite her to a casual activity or function. Stay away from anything that suggests a date. Alternatively, if you know of an event you will both be attending, mention meeting up. Don’t stalk her but make it a point just to see her. She may be impressed with the new you. Whatever you do, don’t come on too strong. A simple hug and a “good to see you” is enough for now.

Month 4:

Follow up after your meeting with a message, “it was really good to see you at the game the other day.” Be sure your messages do not indicate a booty call. In other words, don’t text her from the bar at 2am.

Ask her what she has been up to and hopefully drop some info on the new you and your self searching discoveries or hobbies. Once she responds, begin texting or chatting with her once a week or every few days depending on her interest level.

Month 5:

By now you should have established the idea that the two of you can have a real friendship. This month, share with her a couple of personal things. Let her in on some of your new dreams and ideas.

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Share what you have learned in your personal growth the last few months. You can ask her now if she is seeing anyone new but keep it friendly. Ask if she would like to grab coffee or hang out somewhere casual as friends.

Month 6:

This is your final hoorah! This month you will work towards asking her out on a date. Shoot for something sentimental such as a place where you first met, for old time’s sake. When you see her, take it slow.

Don’t jump right back into wanting to be monogamous or you may scare her off. This is a “new” relationship. The more casual and slow you take it, the more curios she will be about who you have become. Begin dating again as if you never have before.

If you follow the steps on how to get your ex girlfriend back in 6 months or less, you will be able to successfully embark on a new relationship with your old flame. Don’t forget this is not a game and you should be working on yourself and approaching this with real intent.

Don’t falsify your actions or deceive her in anyway. Depending on her interest it is possible to get her back in less time. Truly give her someone new who is willing to look inward and make necessary changes to keep you both happy!

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