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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back in 5 Easy Steps

If you have been left with a bruised heart because your gal has broken up with you, don’t fret, many guys have been in your shoes.

Fortunately, there is a game plan which can teach you how to get your ex girlfriend back in 5 easy steps. Follow this method and she will soon be running back to your arms once again.

Step 1: Stay Clear

Initially, when a break up occurs, it can be tempting to want to communicate and make up immediately. Unfortunately, the broken hearted tends to plead and pathetically apologize and beg to be taken back. This is a turn off and will drive your girl further away.

Your goal is to simply refrain from contact and stay clear from her. Do anything to avoid interaction with her at this time, no matter how much you miss her and want to check up. No texting, messaging on FB, calling or inquiring with her friends.

By avoiding her, you will leave her wondering and surprised that you haven’t attempted to get her back. She may be feeling her own regret and remorse and will be curious as to your whereabouts.

By giving her space and respect you are also showing a level of self confidence which she may or may not have experienced with you before. This is a highly attractive quality in a guy. Your mature actions will benefit you in the long run.

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Step 2: Growth

No, not your belly as you mope and gorge on the couch. Rather, self growth is the answer. You may be rolling your eyes but nothing is more appealing to a woman, than a guy who can get in touch with himself and improve his life.

Begin making changes which will benefit your relationship. Address the issues you had together. Perhaps she felt you were too angry or jealous? So, enroll in an anger management class or see a psychotherapist to work out your inner conflicts. If this seems way out of your comfort zone, at least pick up a self help book or two which you can incorporate into your life.

Also, start investing in yourself. Self respect equates confidence. If you have an improved self image and personality, she will be mesmerized by your transformations. Get some exercise if you don’t already and improve your looks and physique. You are, after all, on the market; whether you want to be or not. When you do see her again, you want her to notice you in a good way.

Learn to communicate in a positive way. Write down your journey through the break up and the things you learned. This is something you will eventually want to share with her. Try and keep it about your own growth and less about your relationship with her.

Step 3: Run In

After you have given it some time, try and find a way to “run in” to her. Perhaps show up somewhere you know she frequents or do a little PI work and find out where she will be over the weekend. Be sure when you are out, you have a support group of friends with you. You don’t want to seem lonely or sullen.

In fact, if you see her, be as friendly and cool as you can, treat her with warmth as you say Hi and let her know you’ve missed her but that’s it. You want her to miss you and wonder if you are enjoying your freedom more than her.

If possible, interact with other female friends. Don’t be overtly flirtatious or try and make her jealous but simply talk to guys and girls, even her friends. Make them laugh and have fun. She will evaluate how socially skilled you are and it will give her a few pangs of jealousy. She may begin to regret having to share you with everyone else.

Step 4: Communicate

After your run in with her, drop a casual text message to express how nice it was to see her. Wait for her to respond. Once she does you know she wants to talk to you or else she wouldn’t waste her time. Let her know you want to talk about a few things and schedule a meet up. Make sure it is casual as you don’t want her to feel like you are trying to woo her back.

Step 5: Meet Up

Once you have established a get together with her, be sure you look your best. Groom, get a sharp new shirt or outfit and spruce up. At the meet up, let her know you have been distant to give her space and respect. Discuss what you have been up to and what you have learned. Give her a sincere look at your efforts to change for the better.

Don’t ask her back…simply open up and let the conversation roll. The best way to get to a girls heart is to empathize with her. If she feels you understand why she was upset, she will feel so much better and more confident in your ability to give her the emotional support she needs.

At this point you should be on your way through the techniques of how to get your ex girlfriend back in 5 easy steps. If she needs more time, give her more time and then follow the same procedure until she is ready. Continue working on yourself until you become the guy she can’t refuse.

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