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How to Get My Girlfriend Back

If you have recently experienced a break-up, you are most likely feeling the pangs of regret and wondering how to get my girlfriend back.

Luckily this is possible and with a little effort and self control you can have her reconsidering the split in no time! Follow these guidelines carefully as some of them can be deal breakers.

First….let go a little!

It may seem crazy that to get her back you should let her go but trust me, you need to do this. She is going to expect you to come groveling, crying or apologizing back right away and by not doing so you cause her to reconsider.

This means you cannot call, text, FB or contact her friends and family for info for a little while. When you do this she will wonder what you are up to and why you haven’t tried to fight for her. By not submitting yourself to her you are in essence telling her you are stronger than she thought and capable of being single without her. Her imagination will begin to ponder what you may be doing and who you may be doing it with. This will have HER trying to hunt YOU down rather than the other way around.

Extreme Self Make-Over

Okay, not plastic surgery or anything unreasonable but seriously, spruce up a little! You are, after all, single and available now. Your goal is to begin a transformation process which will not only give you something else to do besides pining for her but will make you a more attractive person to her later.

To do this, go out and buy some new clothes. Get a real haircut (not the kind you give yourself) and start working out. Try getting some sun and tanning up a bit, it helps define your muscles and will give you a healthier glow. Plus you won’t look like you’ve locked yourself away crying over her all this time.

Another thing you can do is begin focusing on the inside out. Take a class or join an organization which gets you involved in healthy activities or the community. Becoming an active member of society is especially attractive to women and when she finds out all the new things you are doing to improve yourself, she will be much more likely to take you back and join you in your efforts.


Believe it or not, jealousy works and it works really well with women. If you are asking yourself how to get my girlfriend back, this is a great way! The trick is to do this in a way which is not too obvious. Find out from mutual contacts where she may be out one weekend and show up. Be sure you bring along your own friends for support.

Once you are in her vicinity, certainly acknowledge her warmly. Give her a hug or a nod and smile to let her know you care. From there, continue your evening making it abundantly clear you are now a single guy! Do this by subtly flirting, chatting and speaking with other women. After a while of doing this, you can strike up a conversation and potentially invite her out somewhere to talk things over. Otherwise, you can let her simmer for a while longer while you continue to enjoy yourself.

If you follow these guidelines you will not be asking how to get my girlfriend back but rather SHE will be trying to get you back. Knowing the balance between no contact and improvements as well as a bit of good old fashioned jealousy will help you create the exact scenario you need to have her once again in your arms.

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