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How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Wants To Get Back Together With You

Regardless of how long you and your girl have been apart, there are sure tell signs which indicate how to tell if your girlfriend wants to get back together with you. If you pay attention to these subtle clues you will know for sure!


Whether it’s been a day, a month or a year since you broke it off, if she has recently tried to get in touch, she may be dropping a not so subtle hint.

Perhaps she sent a random text message, wrote on your wall or showed up at your job. Either way she is looking for a way to speak with you and restart a dialogue.


If your ex-girlfriend is reaching out to your friends or putting feelers out there about you, perhaps she is interested in getting back together. Generally you will know if she asks them who you have been hanging out with, if you are seeing anyone or where she can find you.

In any case, for her to start this sort of interaction, she not only wants info but knows they will let you know. In other words, she WANTS you to know she’s looking for you.

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Body Language

If you run into her and notice any of these flirtatious body language signs, you can be sure she may be interested in starting something up again.

-Twirls hair – flirtation
-Fidgets – she’s nervous
-Rubs her legs – she’s sexually interested in you
-Listens with forward body motion – she’s very invested in what you are saying
-Has mouth parted or partially open – a sign of attraction and a desire to kiss or be kissed
-Wide Eyes – she is completely into what you are saying
-Winks – flirtation
-Touches You – sexual advance
-Postures with hips tilted – flirtatious gesture

The Run In

If you keep running into her in various locations or perhaps your same hang out, she is most likely showing up on purpose to attract your attention. Believe me, if she wasn’t interested in getting back together, she would avoid you.

The Booty Call

Every guy knows a booty call and if she is bold enough to make that call to you, she may also be interested in rekindling that old flame. Perhaps you will play hard to get and simply keep the friend with benefit mindset; otherwise, she could be all yours.

The Friend or Family Call

If she has a friend or family member reach out to you, for her to invite you out or discover what you are up to she most likely wants to get involved in your life once again.

Found Items

If you receive a call or message from her, out of the blue, that she has some of your things, she may be hinting at wanting you to come over to “collect” them but don’t be fooled; this could be a ruse to get you back into her territory.

Learning how to tell if your girlfriend wants to get back together with you will give you the upper hand in the scenario. Once you have read the signs and have a clear indication of her interest, then you can play the hard to get game or take her back. In either case, the power will be in your hands!

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