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Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back When She Says Its Over

If you are struggling to make amends and need to know the proper protocol for getting your ex girlfriend back when she says it’s over, there is great information available for your situation!

Many guys find themselves in this conundrum and seek advice for igniting the flame once again. Follow this advice and she will be ready to start over in no time.

She says it’s over and you say…no problem! That’s right. At that point you don’t want to plead or beg. Sounding desperate is not going to bring her back, in fact that will most likely drive her further away. Instead, show her how respectful you are of her space and let her know you will give her time apart from you.


Be sure you have apologized if you wronged her but do this in a confident yet sincere manner. She may have expected you to be defensive or pathetic about the situation, instead help her feel that you genuinely understand why she is angry. This will not only throw her off guard, it will make her reconsider dumping you in the first place.

Look Good

Show up somewhere she may be and be sure you look good. Not just good but a little different. Get a haircut or new clothes. Spruce up and give her a reason to look twice. Be sure to be kind but also to socialize with other women.

Careful not to overdo it or be overly friendly with the ladies. Basically you just want her to see you interacting (not flirting). Your excellent social skills will have her wishing she was with you again so you could make her feel special.

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Keep the Friends and Family Connections

Just because you broke up doesn’t mean you should stop speaking with her friends and family. Definitely check in with them once in awhile and keep them feeling special or hopefully continuing to like you. What her friends and family think of you is of utmost importance to her so if you want a chance to get back with her…keep her peeps happy.

You can do this subtly without coming off as phony by sending a happy birthday message or just a random hello, how are you once in awhile. Don’t worry; they will let her know how friendly you still are with them. She will miss the interactions she had with them AND you.

Keep Your Distance

When you first break up, you should keep your distance for a time. Give her some space before trying to get her back. By doing this you are showing you are mature and confident. You don’t necessarily need her and can move on too if that is what she wants. It may take weeks or months but she will begin to reminisce and then you can show up randomly to remind her of what she is missing.

Ultimately getting your girlfriend back when she says its over isn’t as hard as it sounds. You have your good memories and history together as an advantage. The main objective is to remain patient and think of how you would want to be approached if the shoes were reversed. Eventually she will warm back up to you and you can introduce her back into your life and expose her to a new and better you.

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relationship recovery