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Get Your Girlfriend Back Using Her Vulnerability

When relationships end, most guys feel like giving up and don’t know how to win her back. Luckily there is a way to get your girlfriend back using her vulnerability.

Even if she broke it off, she will still have some reservations about whether she made the right decisions. Also, women have many insecurities which surface once they are single and alone. Some of these include:

• Fear of dating
• Fear of being alone
• Fear of being helpless
• Fear of not being attractive to other men
• Fear of starting over
• Fear of making a mistake
• Fear of losing their soul mate
• Fear of growing old and being single
• Fear of responsibility
• Fear of taking care of themselves

In order to take advantage of these fears you will have to incorporate them into your conversation about getting back together. The first thing you should do is apologize for anything you did to upset her.

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Begin by reminding her of the history you have together and what you have built which will create a regret for time gone by. You should also mention that you don’t want to be looking for people to date and have to “hit the dating cycle” all over again. She will start to think about this and it will cause her anxiety as well.

Another way to get your girlfriend back using her vulnerability is to wait a short period of time, say 2 or 3 days and then contact her. At this point she will be feeling lonely, scared and sad. This is your best time and chance to ignite her feelings for you.

Express your love and desire to build something together. You should also provide her with a solid list of ways you will change to make things better. This will give her hope in you and the future of your relationship.

You can also simply invite her out and give her a few drinks. She will be most vulnerable after a bit of alcohol and this is a great time for feelings and emotions to spill forth from both sides. She will be even more vulnerable and you can convince her fairly easily that you belong together.

Most women don’t truly want to be single so if you can find ways to show her your ability to make changes and grow within the relationship, her vulnerability will say yes to getting back together. It is important, however you are sincere and truly plan to make those changes or you will find yourself broken up with once again.

Finally, to get your girlfriend back using her vulnerability you should do your best to time things right. Check in with her friends or associates you know and find out where she is in the process. If she is spending time alone then your best bet is to act quickly to get her attention back and reestablish contact.

If she is out dating, you may want to give her a chance to start missing the closeness you had together. Once she gets the freedom out of her system, she will begin to feel the pangs or regret and you can act accordingly.

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