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Get Her Back Using “Hope Psychology”

When it comes to break ups there are a few techniques which will assist you. Learn how to get her back using “hope psychology” and you will be able to continue a relationship in no time.

What is “hope psychology”?

This term refers to a technique used to enhance the level of hope someone has in you. Your girl may have had several reasons for calling it quits which may or may not be useful but the prominent reason for her break up was she no longer had hope in you, your relationship or your character.

The goal of using hope psychology is to restore that hope she once had in your togetherness and create reasons for her to want to get back together. The good news is you most likely have a history together to build from and of course her reasons so ultimately, with the right strategy you should be able to convince her you are worthy.

How to incorporate this?

To incorporate this concept, you will need to first take a look at her reasons for the break up. Generally break ups happen for some of the following reasons:

-consistent arguments
-lack of consideration

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Once you have determined the areas where you may have failed her you can begin to work on what you will do to change those things in order for her to want you back.

To get her back using “hope psychology” you have to get beyond the myriad of small details she may have thrown at you in reference to the reasons for breaking up and get to the root issue which is your character flaws. She wants to have hope that you are someone worthy of her so you must convince her of this.

Give her this hope by expressing your ability to change! Not simply the little things but the deep down intrinsic parts of you which bother her and create rifts between you. If she says she is bored with the relationship, what she means is she is concerned that you are not spontaneous or open to new ideas or excitement. She needs to have hope that months or years down the road the relationship will still be fresh and exciting.

Work on ways to build this part of yourself and offer ideas to her such as classes you could take together, travel and adventurous hobbies. Incorporate her interests or things she wants to learn or do and she will not only have hope things won’t remain boring but will be excited about the future of your partnership.

Many women have a hard time expressing the exact reasons why they don’t want to be together. They try and list small details which bother them or one big general one such as we aren’t compatible.

Ultimately, however, what they mean to say is I don’t feel hopeful we can be a successful couple in the long run and so I want to cut my losses. If you use these ideas you shouldn’t have any trouble learning to get her back using “hope psychology”.

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