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Five Tips For Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back Without Losing Your Self Respect

Many guys experience the heartache of a break-up and the reality of the situation causes impulsive actions and decisions to occur.

Although the break up may be your fault and you want her back more than anything, it is important not to change everything about yourself and give up more than you can handle during this time.

Follow these five tips for getting your ex-girlfriend back without losing your self first.

1. Avoid Sacrificial Apologies

If you are going to say, “I’m sorry”, you are going to have to follow up with what you are sorry for, before approaching her. You need to think this through very carefully because if she takes you back and you have admitted full failure in every aspect of your relationship, she will always have that to hold over your head. You don’t want to lose your self respect or hers.

If you have done something you know is wrong and hurt her, certainly apologize for that. What you don’t need to do is list out the many other reasons why you are a loser and she shouldn’t be with you. She doesn’t need to hear these things or even think about them at the moment. You only need to give her the basics of what went wrong and how you will remedy yourself or the situation.

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2. Avoid Groveling

It may be tempting to just call her up crying and plead for her to come back to you. By doing this, however, you have shown you are not in control of yourself or your emotions. Women want a guy who is in control and not someone they have to mother. You need to approach her with calm maturity. The best method is to express how time apart may be a good idea and give her the respect of space from you.

When enough time has passed you can subtly reach out to her to express what transpired to cause the break up. Let her know you have been thinking things over and realize where your mistakes were made. Don’t immediately ask her to get back with you but rather ask to sit down and talk it over.

3. Don’t Make a Fool of Yourself

If your idea of getting her back is to beat up any guy who looks at her or to stalk her incessantly, not allowing her freedom, you basically need to reconsider your agenda. This is not a good plan of action as it will make you look pathetic and she will be patting herself on the back to be rid of you.

Keep your dialogue to a minimum at first rather than seem too eager to have her back. You may apologize if you wronged her but leave it at that. After some time she will most likely begin missing you and if you do get back together you won’t have to live with the regret of doing something really demeaning in order to have her.

4. Rebounds are for Rejects

She may never find out but then again – she just might! Think of the consequences of shacking up with some random girl when your heart is really with your ex. If you DO get back together she may find out OR it will be a very large secret you will have to keep from her – FOREVER!

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Don’t think this is a way to feel better or get her to come jealously running back to you. It won’t work out that way and more often than naught, people talk and the gossip travels.

Give yourself time to explore, have fun, be single but don’t be a player. Enjoy alone time and improving on who you are. This way when she is ready, you will have more to share and can impress her with your self growth.

5. Forgive

If she did something wrong and you have decided you can live with it and take her back, be sure you are not sacrificing an integral principal which may haunt your relationship later. In doing this you will not only lose your self but will store bitterness and resentment for having to swallow a pill you didn’t necessarily wish to have.

If you caused the conflict in your relationship, you will also need to learn to forgive yourself. The last thing she needs or you need is to live a life constantly haunted by your misdeeds. This will effect how you love her as you cannot love another until you love yourself first. If she is willing to forgive you, you must forgive yourself in order to move on and leave the past behind.

By learning these five tips for getting your ex-girlfriend back without losing your self you will have a much better chance at a successful relationship the next time around. Your core beliefs, principals and self love should never come at a sacrifice for someone else. It is important to evaluate who you are and what you are willing to give up in order to be with a particular person.

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