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Anyone who has experienced a break-up knows it is a painful and arduous journey. Fortunately, there are terrific tips and tricks which will teach you how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

The first thing every woman should know is how to reclaim their own feminine power. A break-up can cause a multitude of insecurities which result in questions pertaining to your self esteem or self image.

Throw this negatively self indulgent thinking out the window and embrace yourself first. Regardless of whose fault it was or the reasons behind the break-up; you must hold yourself to a level of worthiness before he will see you as worthy.

To do this, simply avoid him. Don’t talk about him, think about him, weep over him or contact him. Instead, hold your head high and allow YOURSELF some you time. Go do all those things you thought about doing if you weren’t with him. Your ability to quickly move on will earn his respect and possibly his regret. He will be curious about your sudden self confidence and strength.

Your attitude should be completely self-centered and focused on self improvement – EVEN IF YOU WERE WRONG. He doesn’t need to know just yet how sorry you are. Otherwise you will come across as pleading or trying to convince him you made a mistake. Did you? Perhaps you should keep him wondering.

Another tip you need to know in how to get your ex-boyfriend back is how to set him up for future contact. While it’s true, you shouldn’t be thinking about him, you can still set up a methodology to trigger contact at a future time. Here’s what to do; give him back his stuff but oops forget one or two important items. You can hang onto them until it’s time.

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Don’t unfriend him from Facebook. No, No. Doing this says one of two things, either it is too painful to see him (therefore you are too weak) or you are immature and easily angered (you can’t be friends).

It is important to learn how to get your ex-boyfriend back by learning how to be friends. Remaining or establishing a friendship not only speaks volumes of your level of maturity but it also lets him know you are self assured and can live without him.

If he thinks you can live without him, he will begin wondering what exactly you are doing as you bask in this attractive, confident glow. After you have given it some time and both of you have had a bit of exploratory freedom, then you can reach out in a friendly way or accidently bump into him; looking ravishing of course.

If these are not options, you can pull the “I have a couple of your things” card. If he agrees to meet up with you or come get his stuff, you can be sure he is open to the possibilities.

One thing you mustn’t do is give yourself completely over to him. Men psychologically enjoy the mystery of attraction and the game of conquest. So rather than wear your heart on your sleeve, keep your intentions to yourself. You want him guessing.

Instead be open about the new, confident you. Treat him kindly and possibly flirt a little. Basically start over with the techniques which got you together in the first place.

Finally, if you want to know how to get your ex-boyfriend back, begin to address the issues which caused the break-up. Tread carefully however as he does not want to be overwhelmed with emotional whining. Instead of blaming him, acknowledge what you have learned from the relationship as it was and establish what you would need should it start again.

Be an adult and don’t sell yourself short. Men are highly attracted to women who know what they want. They are also instinctively programmed to tend to a woman’s needs.

By following this simple advice on how to get your ex-boyfriend back, you are insuring positive results; both for the relationship and your own self growth.

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