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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Understand The Psychology Of Men


Much research has been dedicated toward the understanding of the two sexes; men and women. If you are a female and want to understand the psychology of men, there is a wealth of information available for relationship tips.

Important psychological analysis regarding these behaviors is discussed below. It is helpful to learn these tendencies and reactions to avoid disputes and misunderstandings.

Relationships can be made far stronger by developing this awareness.

Why doesn’t he seem to listen?

When a female opens her heart and shares her fears, worries and concerns, she is simply doing just that – sharing. Another word for this is venting. Women love to vent.

A guy will instinctively hear these expressions and file them away for analysis. Generally, a woman’s’ natural reaction is to feel unheard because she is expecting a more empathetic reaction.

Unfortunately the problem is that men are action oriented. Everything they do is geared toward pleasing her through a method of progress or achievement. When it comes to personal emotions, a guy immediately begins to find ways to fix her problems rather than just acknowledge them.

It’s quite sweet actually. A woman can take her deepest darkest fears and a man will don his armor and sword to defend and conquer her problem. By realizing this specific difference, a woman can embrace the honor of a caring male rather than be offended by his code.

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Why is he always only interested in sex?

Unfortunately for the poor guy, his mind is divided between testosterone driven thoughts and every day to do lists. In fact an average guy thinks about sex several times a day. Crazy right? Well yes, in a way but on a natural level, men are the initiators and sexual dominators. They are programmed to seek and copulate.

The good news is they also crave romantic fantasies and gain intimacy through an open and loving sexual relationship. Women will always have an upper hand in the bedroom and can keep a guy excited and interested by feeding his sexual appetite.

Why won’t he open up?

Addressing emotions is an important way to understand the psychology of men. Most women wonder if a guy even has emotions or if he is capable of feeling something on a deep level. The answer is yes, he is. Men certainly feel and contain many emotions. While their hormones are not as fluctuating as a female, they are indeed just as mushy inside.

The problem is, men are taught from birth to be the strong, protective sex. Expressing deep emotions is not just considered weak, it makes them weak. A man needs to feel in control at all times. Part of this need creates a vacuum in which to store his emotions.

Within this protective, filing cabinet in the mind, a man can open a drawer, remove an emotional file and analyze it. He has an incredible ability to fix and solve problems on his own. Women on the other hand prefer to have a little help and support from others in order to tackle their emotions.

Therefore, a man who seemingly lacks emotional reactions is truly quite healthy. He has his own process and if he doesn’t know what to do, that is when he will talk about it. Knowing he has raw emotions tucked away should be enough for a woman to feel the intimate connection she needs. The more trust involved in a relationship, the more he will talk about his challenges out loud and allow her to assist him.

Learning to understand the psychology of men is a powerful tool for a woman. The more a woman is aware of the myriad of intricacies, the more capable she can be in appreciation and love.

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