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The Importance of Commitment in a Relationship


So many folks have given up on relationships lasting long term and so they feel that there is no need for any kind of real commitment.

Are they correct? If your relationship is struggling should you walk away, heal and try again. Is there any reason to make the commitment and really try to make your relationship work long term?

There are so many odds against you and your partner. What do you gain by sticking it out?

Let’s assume for a moment that a long term relationship is your goal. Making that continued commitment is key to making that possible. And at certain points in your relationship you will have to make that commitment consciously and every day.

But by building a foundation of commitment your relationship can certainly weather the storms. If that commitment is not made, everyday stresses will tear your relationship to pieces and it won’t take much.

By making the decision to make the long term commitment you and your partner are agreeing to build a deeper, more meaningful relationship. The longer the commitment is made the stronger the relationship becomes and the more likely you two will be together for years to come.

Then as time passes and there are issues, the other partners knows and trusts that the other one wants to be there too and is willing to work through the tough times. And the more time that passes the more trust, the easier it becomes to get through the rough spots.

2nd chance

By having a long term, continuous, stable relationship you create an excellent role-model for your children. They can see the benefits in action rather than being taught about them. They can see how deeply the love it and how by making that commitment both you and your partner are equally committed to them, creating a long term, continuous, and stable place for them to come home to when life stinks.

Your commitment also keeps the children from experiencing the pain and emotional turmoil that comes from separation and/or divorce. They don’t have to go through feelings that come from that experience: guilt, anger, resentment, etc…

You don’t want your children to ever feel that they were responsible for the breakdown of your relationship. You want them to see you work through the problems, not to quit, and to fight to keep your family together.

Making that commitment also protects you against getting into casual relationships, possibly getting an STD, or unwanted pregnancy. And do you really want to go back to dating and dealing with all the drama that comes with that?

It is equally important to know when the long term commitment you are in is unhealthy for either you and/or your children. In that case the commitment to keeping you and your children safe is more important. So there are times when staying together does more damage than the break up would be.

But the ultimate goal is to make that commitment for the long term to really see the benefits of weathering the storms to come out on the other side together, stronger and even more committed, so the next storm seems like a drizzle.

connect and commit

connect and commit

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