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Strategies on How to Get Back With Your Ex-Boyfriend


So the relationship is over and you are a complete loss with what to do. You didn’t want it to end. You are devastated and not sure what move to make next.

You still love him and want him back, but you are uncertain about what to do. And not knowing what do can make you make all the wrong moves.

So before you do anything you need to know some strategies on how to get back with your ex-boyfriend. This article will cover a couple strategies to do just that, so before you do anything, keep reading.

Women tend to be emotional creatures and it is one of our biggest strengths, but is also one of our biggest weaknesses. And when trying to get an ex boyfriend back women make the biggest mistakes by focusing on their emotions, not their partner’s emotions.

If you want to get him back you are to have to stop focusing on you and focus on their emotions. You will have to begin to see things from their point of view, from his perspective. If you can do this objectively you will begin to see what you need to do get him back.

What have you done already? Have you told him how much you love him? Have you pleaded your case? Told him you just can’t survive without him?

Unfortunately you have just made all the classic mistakes. You see all these things just confirm to your ex boyfriend that he needs even more space from you. He obviously feels a need for space right now and you are doing everything, but giving him space.

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And you are looking at your feelings again, which is going to just make him lose respect for the person he once had feelings for, thus losing respect for you, and then pushing him in the wrong direction.

What you need to accept at this point is that he made the decision to break up, he has to make the decision to get back together, until he wants you and the relationship.

The first step you need to take is going to require some serious restraint on your part, and that is to back off, way off. You have to completely withdraw and leave him completely alone. You have to walk away calmly, admitting that yes things have been difficult for the two of you lately. And that maybe the break up is best, wish him well and tell him no hard feelings.

Now you have planted the seed necessary for him to begin to wonder why you are rejecting him now. It will make him re-evaluate why he broke up with you and why now, you don’t want him. If you actually stick to it and leave him alone, he will respect that and begin to miss you. This will begin to make him realize that maybe he wants you back.

Continue on that same path by being the fun-loving, attractive person you are when you do run into him and that will add more doubt to the decision he made. The more he questions his decision the more likely he will want to get back with you.

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