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Getting Him Back… Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Loves You!


Whether you broke up with him or visa versa, you may be wondering if he still cares. Often small disputes erupt and lead to big break ups which weren’t meant to be.

If this is the case, getting him back, signs your ex-boyfriend still loves you are fairly easy to read. Here are a few ways to know whether he is interested in getting back.


If he calls, texts you or shows up at your door, you can be fairly certain he isn’t interested in anyone else. His mind is on you and he is spending time trying to communicate. Also, if during the communication he hints at getting together or says, “I miss you” at any point, he is letting you know he still loves you.

Obviously, many guys will be subtle and may not reach out right away due to hurt pride or uncertainty. If you find that he is still conversing with you, he at least is keeping the door open even if he doesn’t mention getting back together right away.

You can either play hard to get and make him wonder for a bit or you can go ahead and speak with him. In either case, if you want him back you should make sure you are not giving in too easily as guys like to work a little and win their girls over. You will be showing him a high level of self assuredness if you don’t run crying to him right away.


Another sign from him is hearing through the grapevine that he is asking about you. If he is still maintaining relationships with your friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances, you can be sure he is keeping tabs on you. He would only do this if he hasn’t moved on and wants to know if you are still available.

Also, if you start receiving random calls or communication from HIS friends, perhaps he has sent them to investigate. Obviously he is spending more time reflecting on your whereabouts than he is on any other girl.

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Run Ins

If you are out and you happen to see him here and there, most likely he has somehow discovered where you will be and is purposely putting himself in your path. While this may feel a little like stalking, you can use it to your advantage by either making him jealous or flirting with him directly as if you’ve never met. This will certainly turn him on if nothing else. After all, he is the one showing up in your playground so you can be fairly sure he wants to see you.

Body Language

If you do happen to see him and strike up a conversation, you can look for subtle body language cues which indicate his interest. If he touches you in any way, this is a sign of flirtation. Rubbing his legs is a sign of sexual interest. If he tilts his head at you, he is interested and flirting. There are, of course, the more obvious signs such as, winking, arching an eyebrow, buying you a drink or giving you a hug.

You can alternatively look for negative body language which suggests he isn’t interested such as crossing his arms or self which indicates defensiveness. If he doesn’t make eye contact he may be giving you the cold shoulder.

You can also return the body language in order to show him you are open to any flirtation from him. Twirling your hair, maintaining eye contact, smiling or touching him gently are great ways to return the gestures.

All of these clues will help you in getting him back, signs your ex-boyfriend still loves you. Once you feel you have a green light based on his signs, you can proceed forward in trying to attract his attention and converse about getting back together.

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