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How to Get Your Ex Back by Removing Yourself From Their Life


When it comes to heartbreak, break-ups are the general cause. Rather than pine and plea for a second chance, sometimes it is best to allow time to do all the work.

Learn how to get your ex back by removing yourself from their life. The results work; better than any begging, pleading and humiliating “I’m sorry” tactics. Follow these rules after your break up.

Rule #1: No Communication

One of the biggest mistakes people make after a break up is to harass their partner with all sorts of communication. The curiosity will get them if you can stop yourself from doing any of these things.

• No Calling
• No Texting
• No Chatting
• No Social Networking
• No Calls to their friends or family to give them messages
• No Letters

Rule #2: No Face to Face Contact

Look, you may be tempted to knock on their door with all the best intentions of making up but this will not only backfire, it will make you look weak. You need to drive home the message at this time that you don’t need your ex as much as they thought and have them wonder what it is you are up to now that you are single. By allowing your ex some space, they will begin to feel the pangs of loneliness and may reconsider the entire thing.

Rule #3: No “Sorry” Gifts

Although flowers and serenades may work in the movies, it is best to avoid these cliché’ requests for a second chance. Giving your ex gifts will not help put that distance between you and allow time to heal any anger and bitterness.

By admitting your failures and trying to bribe your ex back you are putting yourself in a bad position. Not only are you admitting all fault for the failure of the relationship, you are also in many ways pleading by purchasing gifts.

Rule #4: No Suicide Threats

You may feel like the world has crumbled around you and without your ex you have no life left. Learning how to get your ex back by removing yourself from their life is not necessarily about you but all about them. You see, when you let go, you are showing someone that you respect and care for their wishes and needs at this time.

If you are wailing and threatening to end your life if they are not in it, you are doing yourself and them a huge disservice. Your selfishness will force your partner to take you back and the bitterness and resentment will simply build until you both fall apart again.

Rule #5: No Mutual Friendships

One thing that is always tricky is eliminating the mutual contacts you both shared. This is important however as you don’t want to be seen as competing for friends or fishing for information. Letting go of some of these people will help you move beyond your ex and bring about the distance you need at this time. They will begin to wonder where you are and what you are doing and eventually may reconsider the whole thing simply because they cannot stand not having control and tabs on you.

Knowing how to get your ex back by removing yourself from their life is important because it allows you a chance to focus on yourself. During this time if you work on improving your life and character, your ex will eventually find you a more attractive and viable individual.

The relationship can be reignited by simply being single and allowing yourself to be on the market. They will begin to reconsider the idea and probably won’t want to share you once they realize you are not going to be running back.

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