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How to Get My Ex Boyfriend Back in 1 Week

Breakups are tough and most people would prefer to break a bone rather than suffer the turmoil. They are especially difficult if you are still in love with the other person.

How to get my ex-boyfriend back in 1 week is a comprehensive formula which will have you back in his arms in a jiffy.

Day 1

Okay, it’s the first day of being single. You woke up this morning, puffy eyed with a sad emptiness in your heart; he’s gone. Well, splash some water on your face girl because you are going to get him back!

Here is what you do today. Apologize. That’s right. Send him one simple text or hand write a letter and drop it in his mailbox. Keep your apology short and simple, regardless if you are to blame. Write something like this;

I’m sorry for what took place between us.


The idea behind this is not to convince him you should still be together, nor is it pleading, begging or whining. You are simply taking responsibility for your part in the relationship dispute and leaving the ball in his court for now. You never know, he may just say he’s sorry too and want to work things out. If not, no worries…move on to Day 2.

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Day 2

Go shopping! That’s right. Today you are not going to talk to him, see him or worry about him. Instead spend the day focusing on you. What better distraction than every girls' first love – shopping! Hang out with friends and buy something sexy to wear out this weekend. DON’T contact him or respond if he contacts you. It is better to make him wonder today.

Day 3

If he hasn’t contacted you yet don’t worry. Today spend time cleaning house. Go through and gather up his stuff. You may need this to arrange a meeting.

Also, do something athletic. Gear up for your weekend out by spending time at the gym, going for a jog or toning up at home. It’s important to stay busy and focused on looking good when you see him.

Day 4

Call a mutual friend. Get a feel for how things are but don’t act desperate, nosy or pathetic in case it gets back to him. Your goal is to find out if he will be out over the weekend somewhere where you can “happen” to be.

In order to figure out how to get him back after a nasty breakup, you may have to do a little detective work. Just be sure you don’t get caught or he may feel stalked.

Day 5

Go out with friends. Again, DON’T talk to him. Instead, do something fun and be sure to post photos on Facebook or your favorite social networking site for him to see you are still living your life.

Send him a text this evening asking if he is still angry. This is just to get a feel. If he says no then ask if he wants to meet you out somewhere tomorrow to “talk”. If you sense he is not open to this, drop it and continue planning your happenstance encounter.

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Day 6

Go to the spa or get your hair done. Do something different that will help you feel new and fresh. Tonight you are going out with friends to run into him or he is meeting you. Be sure to look good! Dress a little provocative as men are easily swayed by a sexual presence.

When you see him, try not to cry and blabber about what went wrong. Instead pretend like he’s the new guy you are going to pick up. Spend the evening seducing and flirting with him. You can bring up the relationship problems but keep it as light as possible, almost hinting at simply hitting restart. Respark the chemistry between you or if you haven’t yet talked, simply be single!

If you are talking, just try and enjoy your time together. Briefly discuss the ordeal but make light of it if possible. Try and attract attention from other men to peak his jealousy but only a tad. You don’t want to overdo it and make him angry.

Before you leave (and don’t let him come with you); whisper seductively in his ear that you miss him.

If you didn’t get to see him, call and ask him to come get his things or offer to drop them by.

Day 7

If you hung out the night before, then today you make a big move. Call him up and invite him over. Say, “It was good to see you last night. We should talk. Come over tonight, I’ll cook!”

Create a nice meal with some romance. See if you can interest him in the idea of getting back together. Be romantic, sensual but self confident.

If he is coming to get his things, do the same thing. Surprise him with romantic ambiance, a sexy outfit and a heartfelt, “I’m sorry letter.”

In either case you should be successful by following the guide; how to get my ex-boyfriend back in 1 week.

If these things don’t work, you can give it some time and try again. After all, sometimes it takes time for someone to be missed. After awhile of being single, most people regret the decision and reminisce over lost love.

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