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How to Get Him Back After a Nasty Breakup

Break-ups are tough; especially if you have had a particularly grueling experience. If you have had a falling out and want to know how to get him back after a nasty break-up; there is advice indeed!

Be sure to examine these do’s and don’ts if you want him to come crawling (or running) back.

1. Don’t beg, plead, or harass him. This only makes you look weak and gives him complete power over you.

Men are taken back by over emotional women so keep yourself in check – even if you are eating an ice cream carton every night while sobbing to your favorite song.

Instead, give him space and make it clear you are taking yours! It’s an attitude of, “fine, I can be without you.” Your strength and ability to move on will be much more attractive than groveling at his feet. He may be expecting you to plead for him to come back or to have an emotional meltdown. If you do, he will pat himself on the back for having the sense to leave the basket-case, you!

2. Don’t overtly try to make him jealous. A booty call to his best friend is definitely not how to get him back after a nasty break-up. In spite of what women think, guys are not attracted through jealousy. Plus he will not be jealous, he will be angry that you could be so desperate and cruel. It also indicates a complete lack of self esteem.

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What you need to do is work on your self image. Join a gym, take yoga and start feeling really physically good about yourself. Go get that hot haircut you always wanted but thought he would hate. By exploring yourself, you are igniting your most attractive feature – self confidence.

On that note, put away the old college hoody you wore everyday around him and start putting yourself on the market. Trust me, this transformation will be noticed immediately. Many guys will be quick to reclaim their merchandise, so to speak, before some else can come along.

3. Don’t let him know you want him back. Sending him suggestive messages and trying to hint at the possibility will only send him running. If you want to know how to get him back after a nasty break-up, simply, don’t try.

Instead, go back to the beginning. Obviously there was something wrong with your foundation which caused the break-up in the first place; so start over. That’s right. Re-establish a friendship. Examine the things you may have done wrong and address these things eventually but don’t rush it. You may miss him tremendously but regardless, time will allow him to miss you.

Work on yourself and develop new interests that don’t involve him. Explore new things to talk about with each other. Work on being attractive and growing. By rebuilding the communication and trust you are learning the things to do to get your ex boyfriend back but how to keep him for good.

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