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How to Get Boyfriend Back


When couples break up, usually the guy is instructed to avoid contact and apologize if he wants the girl back. When the reversed occurs, girls need to know how to get boyfriend back by seducing him into her realm instead.

Because guys are much more prone toward mental and physical aspects of the relationship, they require a different methodology then girls.

While you don’t want to come crying back and sound like a pathetic, drama queen; you do need to be a bit more territorial in order to reel him back into your lair.

The best way to do this is to use your SEXUALITY and your STRENGTH to seduce him back. A guy is not going to come running to you out of pity so don’t fall into the trap of telling him how much you miss him or how lonely you are without him. Instead, make him wonder a bit.

Next, you need to reinvent yourself a bit. That’s right! Get rid of the baggy sweats you lounged in and start wearing the cute stuff you had on when you first met. Otherwise go out and buy yourself something new and sexy to wear. This will not only make you feel better but it will help you to feel attractive which is imperative in getting him back.

Try during your down time not to contact him or spy on him. Avoid contact with his friends except to show up places looking dazzling and having them pass it along. Once his friends start commenting on how you look, you can be sure he will reconsider allowing you to be out on the market.

Because guys are practical, it can be helpful to begin throwing it out there…things such as, “what should we do about the apartment?” or “I have a bunch of your stuff at my house” will have him worry over the responsibility of dealing with reality now that you aren’t around. He’s going to have to start taking care of himself and won’t have you to nurture him so play on that without hurting him. You don’t want him to feel negative around you and you certainly want him to realize what he’s missing.

When you find the appropriate time, you will need to plan a girl’s night out somewhere where you know he will be watching! If you can do this, without being a stalker, this would be ideal as you want it to seem natural you are out on the town in the same place. Be sure to look highly sexy and alluring.

Enjoy the company of your friends but don’t spend the evening ignoring him either. In fact, it is a good idea to wink or smile at him and send him a few flirtatious messages. From there, continue with your evening and BE SURE to interact with other guys but don’t act sleazy. Keep things friendly and let him watch you be the social butterfly that is now accessible to every single guy in the place.

Using these seduction techniques will help you learn how to get boyfriend back quickly and easily. Once he has missed you a bit and experienced a bit of reality, once he sees you again, he won’t be able to help the instinctual chemical attraction you already share. Just seeing you looking different and outgoing will trigger his need to take you back off the market.

From there you can work on your apologies and fix the relationship but make sure you don’t go running back with tears in your eyes, make sure he sees you are a strong and confident woman before deciding to get back together. You ultimately want him to feel like you took him back rather than the other way around. Have patience as it may take time and a few tries.

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