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How To Know If Your Boyfriend Wants To Get Back With You

Women are by nature, intuitive and insightful. Sometimes, though, we aren’t sure about the signals from our male counterparts.

This is especially true for matters of the heart after a break-up. All of a sudden emotions get in the way and we find ourselves unsure.

There are many signs, however, which suggest how to know if your ex wants to get back with you. Once you know them, you will be sure. If he is doing any of the things discussed below; he is most likely interested in getting you back.


If he is all of a sudden texting, calling or messaging you; he is most likely trying to re-open the dialogue between you. Guys are fairly specific with regard to their actions so unless he’s cursing or has mean things to say, he may be interested.

Also, if he calls to talk about his problems (even if they involve another relationship) he may be feeling out the situation to see if perhaps you would be open to taking him back.


If his friends have hinted that he has been talking about you, you may be on to something. Also, if he has been reaching out to your friends regarding you, he may be trying to scope out the situation.


Has he bought you something recently; perhaps flowers or chocolate? Even if it was your birthday, a gift is a gift and is significant. It means he is thinking about you. Money is money and if he is spending it on you; he’s most likely not spending it on someone else.

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If you are unsure about how to know if your boyfriend wants to get back with you; try giving him a hug! It may seem crazy but you can gauge a lot by how he responds. If he hugs you back fully and lingers, you can be sure he still has feelings for you.

If you are around him and he makes even the smallest affectionate gestures, either a gentle touch or small kiss; he is most likely testing the chemistry.


It may not be creepy stalking but if he seems to show up wherever you are, he most likely is trying to reconnect and hunt you down. Even if you both have gym memberships at the same place, if he is arriving the same time you do, he is certainly not avoiding you.


If he happens to be out where you are and you catch him glancing over at you from time to time, he is definitely interested. Otherwise, he would just leave. Also, if you notice him smiling at you, waving, winking or any other means of flirtation; his thoughts are all on you.

You can generally surmise how to know if your boyfriend wants to get back with you by looking for these signs. From there you can decide if you would like to cuddle up and reciprocate or not. Either way at least you will be prepared the next time he sees you.

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