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Dealing With a Breakup Correctly


Breaking up is never easy but sometimes, it may be inevitable. However, the way you deal with it determines how you cope.

Dealing with a break up correctly will help you avoid the usual side effects brought on by the depression that immediately follows a break up.

It’s perfectly normal to feel depressed after you break up with someone you’ve shared your life with for some time. The problem comes when you still long for your ex a year after your break up.

This is what prolongs the depression and effectively lead to other problems. Depression, when not controlled, can have unwanted effects on your overall health, mental well being, your work, and your ability to relate again.

These things are central to your life therefore it’ important to learn how to deal with a break up right after it’s happened so that you move on successfully. This is opposed to drowning into your sorrow and letting depression slowly eat your life away.

What causes depression after a break up?

When you’ve been intimately connected to someone and suddenly that connection is broken, naturally, you go through a ‘withdrawal’ phase. During this phase, you’ll feel lonely and you may become secluded from your friends and family.

There might be a bit of regret, depending on how you broke up, and it’s at this time that you slip into depression. After this, you can let it destroy your life or you can choose to regain your life, it depends on how you approach it.

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Fortunately, there are things you can do to help you get over this situation fast and even start relating again. Here are 3 tips to beat depression:

1. Do not get in touch with your ex: Most people that find trouble coping with a break up often make this huge mistake. You will not help the situation by talking to your ex. In fact, you may make things worse.

For starters, they are the reason you’re in that state and you’re simply not emotionally stable now to be talking to your ex again. You’re likely to say things that you’ll regret and appear as too desperate even. The best thing to do when dealing with break-up depression is to delete your ex’s number and focus on yourself. Even more so if you are trying to get back with your ex.

2. Move out of the house more often: This is another ill-advised habit that people do after a break up – locking themselves in the house and listening to their break-up list on their iPod. The thing is that you will even find it harder to resist contacting your ex and essentially, it’s only you who loses. You need to hang out more and be with people who will make you laugh. The more you do this, the better for your self-esteem.

3. Look after yourself: This is crucially important. Become a new person; work out, eat healthy foods and if possible, change your wardrobe. It might also be better if you took up a new skill or hobby. There’s no better way to create positive energy than to improve yourself. And if you feel good about yourself, you’ll regain your confidence and you will be more willing to relate again.

These 3 tips will help you deal with post break-up depression. When you feel it’s too much for you to cope, seek professional counseling.

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