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Are You Tired of Thinking What Went Wrong in Your Last Relationship?


No matter how a relationship ends, it is no fun for either person. And sometimes it doesn’t matter who ended it, we still find ourselves wondering what when wrong.

By not letting go of that last relationship you are unable to move on and it just isn’t healthy to do that to yourself.

So if you are tired of thinking, what went wrong in my last relationship, keep reading. This article is going to show you how to let go of that and move on, so you can find happiness again.

To begin it is so important to take the first step, by doing that you can take the rest. So the first step, and really the hardest step to take is acceptance. You have to accept that the relationship is over. It is very painful to hear someone tell you they don’t want to be with you anymore.

It is easy to pretend it is not happening and that any day they will call you back and tell you it was all a joke. But in order to take the rest of the steps you have to accept that it is over and be hurt, be angry, and let those emotions run their course. Talk it out with someone you trust and can cry it out with. Let those feelings surface and deal with them.

Next you need to accept your part of the responsibility. Relationships fall apart because both people contribute to the issues. In order to learn from this relationship you need to evaluate what part you had in the break up.

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Think about what you could have done differently. Ask yourself questions like did I communicate well? Was I open to listening to my partner and his/her concerns? By knowing what areas you might to work on a bit, you become a more mature person.

Another step is to forgive both you and your ex-partner. And it doesn’t matter who was more at fault, or if your ex was the biggest jerk ever. Forgiveness is necessary for you to move on. It is not at all for the other person.

Because when we hold onto the anger and resentment we hold ourselves back from being able to go out and find happiness. Plus like we talked about in the last step by looking at what you might have done wrong will likely bring up feelings of failure. You have to forgive yourself for making a mistake, learn from it, and move on.

Finally, give yourself time to heal. Getting out of one relationship and jumping into another one helps no one. Time will heal if you allow it to by letting go of those negative feelings and then healing. And you might even find that it was for the better.

You need to go through the steps allow yourself to feel the pain, find a way to forgive your partner and yourself and then take the time to heal. Breaking up is never easy, but stop worrying about what went wrong, let it go, and move on.

relationship recovery

relationship recovery