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6 Tips to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Many couples break up. Sometimes the reasons are seemingly small and other times they are colossal. If you are a female interested in getting him back; you are in luck.

These 6 tips to get your boyfriend back are a must read for all women in this situation.

Tip #1: Control

It is important to have self control during a break-up. When you allow your emotions to go awry, you could jeopardize the possibility of getting him back. Out of all the 6 tips to get your boyfriend back, this one is most important! Be sure NOT to do any of the following:

• Call, text or contact him right away
• Plead, beg, cry or whine
• Kick him out or lash out at him throwing any hurtful dagger you have handy
• Call his friends, bad mouth him behind his back
• Stalk him
• Throw yourself into a fit of depression or despair
• Try and make him jealous by rebounding or picking up any guy you find

Tip #2: Contact

Give it a bit of time before you contact him. When you do, you can say or do any of the following:

• I’m sorry (without crying or sobbing, keep it short)
• We should talk.
• Perhaps space is a good idea.
• I have some of your things.
• Do you want to meet up to talk?
• I am doing a lot of self digging right now.
• I do miss our friendship, wanna talk?

You don’t want to mention that you miss him like crazy, love him or want him back. You just want to get a feel for where he is in the situation.

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Tip #3: Self Improvement

To be a better partner and grow your self esteem after a difficult break up; it is always a good idea to work on yourself. Do this by taking a class, joining a gym, volunteering, buying new clothes or getting a new hairstyle. The goal is to feel attractive and good about yourself. This confident aura will be obvious when he sees you. Not to mention he will see you in a different light.

Tip #4: Go Out

If you can manage to hand out where he is without seeming creepy, then do so. Of course bring friends for support. Be sure to look great and flirt with him as if you never met. If he ignores you, then simply be single and enjoy yourself in spite of him. He will second guess his decision to allow you out there on the market.

Tip #5: Invite Him Out

Finally, when you feel confident enough, you can invite him to talk. Be self assured and humble all at once. Try to dwell less on the past and focus more on starting over. If he isn’t sure, give each other a timeframe to be free and think it over.

If you follow these 6 tips to get your boyfriend back, you should be at least halfway to his heart. Allowing space between you for thinking and growth is the most mature and positive thing you can do.

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