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5 Tips to Win Him Back

If you have recently lost your man and are desperate, lonely and scared; don’t worry, you are not alone. Many women suffer break-ups and while it may feel like the lowest point in your life, it’s not.

A break-up is an opportunity for self realization and growth. Once you have gone through this stage and find yourself still interested in your ex; follow these 5 tips to win him back.

Tip #1: Turn up your sexual volume.

Women have a silent yet deadly power over men. It’s called sexuality, seduction and flirtation. That’s right and it is innate so there is no need for invention. Simply turn this switch to on and you will peak his attention.

Do this by feeling and being ALL female ALL the time. If you were the nice girl who wore his college football sweatshirt, well – screw that! Get yourself into some sexy heels and wear a low cut blouse.

Show off a little (not a lot) of female goods and feel the power of your own hotness. You will attract not only him but other men as well. This will drive him crazy and he may quickly jump to take you back off the market. Don’t let him. Don’t be a whore but DO be single.

Tip #2: Turn off the emotional spigot.

Nothing is more unattractive to guys than gushing, babbling, crying women. The last thing he wants to hear is you boo hooing on his front door step. Also, anger is an unflattering emotion which will ultimately make you look weak.

At this point you need to have the attitude that you have better things to do than cry over him. Instead focus on ways you can become attractive to yourself AND to him again.

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Tip #3: Enjoy being single.

You may find yourself surprised that this is one of the 5 tips to win him back. The thing is ladies; he will only want you back if you are an attractive and seductive female. The misconception many women have is that men are swayed by sentiment and loving gestures. On the contrary, men are attracted first and foremost sexually. The other things are learned responses.

Nothing will make you more appealing to him than witnessing you fresh on the market. Seeing you interact with other men will not remind him of the heartfelt cries you shared but rather the naughty night you spent under the covers. This reminiscence is much stronger for him. Just the thought of sharing you with other men will stop him in his tracks.

Besides, enjoy yourself a little! Think of the days when you pondered what it would be like to be single. Get it out of your system.

Tip #4: Maintain a casual if not mysterious conversation.

In other words, don’t spill the beans on your every waking thought and action. He doesn’t need to know you have been secretly pining for him. It is better to make him wonder by remaining vague. Still be friendly and nice but avoid crying on his shoulder like you used to.

You should engage in conversations with your ex as if you have just met. This will reboot the chemistry and create a new puzzle he can’t wait to solve.

Tip #5: Do something exploratory.

Take this time to get in touch with your feminine side by stepping out of the box. Take a pole dancing class just for the fun of it or purchase some clip on hair extensions to create a sexy new look. Why not? How much more interesting would it be to tell him about the new you. He is sure to be intrigued and want more of this exotic side he has never seen.

While there are many psychological ways to manipulate and trick a guy; these 5 tips to win him back are a more honest and worthwhile approach. Not only will you have his interest in you again but you will come out of the break-up with a more self aware and sensual outlook.

relationship recovery

relationship recovery