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For one reason or another, things are bad. You are at your limit. You’ve tried and tried and can’t seem to make any headway in your partnership.

If this describes your current stage, you may be wondering what could possibly fix broken relationships like yours.

Don’t give up! Relationships are not designed to be easy and some things are simpler to mend than you think.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, consider some of these creative and unconventional advice to fix broken relationships and get yours on track.

Have a Fix-it Night Out!

Yes, turn your problems into a fun game that removes the serious, heaviness from the situations.

Plan an evening, just the two of you, to discuss one thing each that has been on your mind. Write it down on a piece of paper, fold it up and bring it with you to dinner or an evening stroll somewhere romantic.

One of two things will happen. You will both be eager to hear what the other has to say and have an open and eager heart. Otherwise, you could be completely defensive and armed for whatever is to come. Hopefully it will be the first scenario.

The second situation only indicates an unwillingness to understand your partner and therefore an inability to want to fix anything. If you are truly mature and want to fix whatever is going on, you will enjoy the evening, enjoy sharing and discover how well you both can work together at problem solving.

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Couples Tarot

Try purchasing a deck of tarot cards with a descriptive book defining the cards at a local bookstore. Tarot is a fun, inventive way to help intuit your own emotions. Each partner should choose 5 random cards. Place your cards in front of you in order based on these topics:

-Card 1: Where I find myself
-Card 2: How I see you
-Card 3: What I need from you
-Card 4: What you are giving me
-Card 5: Where I see us going

After both partners have laid out their cards, take turns reading the description of the cards from the book. You may also skip the book and simply offer an explanation of why you chose the picture on each particular card. You will reveal amazing insights and open up lines of communication in an unconventional way.

Finally select one final card expressing how you now feel after revealing your emotions to one another. Keep this loving and open and you will surprise each other.

A Why I Love You Letter

Many times when couples fight they often wonder, “Well why do you even love me then?” Many times relationships fail because people focus more on the negatives than the positive aspects of each other. Try taking a romantic approach by writing a love letter expressing all the reasons you love someone.

Skip the normal debate over who is right or wrong and instead go back to the basics. If you prefer it can be a why I fell in love with you letter. Either way, you may instill trust that it is possible to fix broken relationships once they have gone astray.

Final Advice…always try and remember no one is perfect. You both came into the relationship with eager anticipation of a lasting love. Whether your expectations of each other are causing problems or your communication has been failing, keep in mind it will take both of you to heal a broken relationship. With mutual dedication, however, it is more than possible if not probable to do so.

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Fix Broken Relationships | Cure Relationship Problems:


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Fix Broken Relationships | Cure Relationship Problems