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Five Ways to Improve Any Relationship

Anyone in love remembers the initial phase where everything sparkled and was exciting. Often, over time those beginning feelings fade and couples go through phases of monotony, boredom and stagnation.

Romance wanes quickly unless it is tended and allowed to grow. Even if you are in a healthy, happy partnership, here are five ways to improve any relationship so you can keep things progressing forward in a positive manner.

Personal Growth and Couple Growth

While you may be the most compatible couple in the world and share many of the same interests, no two individuals are identical. Therefore it is important to continue on an individual path of personal growth. Whether you take classes, explore creativity, volunteer or participate in extra curricular activities which don’t involve your partner, you will in essence be helping your relationship.

When partners don’t have outside interests or a modality for self improvement, their rapport with one another may become boring resulting from a lack of interesting material in which to discuss. By improving yourself you will always have something new and interesting to discuss together and can share your successes and obstacles.

Also, a concise outline for growth together should be another priority. All couples have shared goals and dreams for the future and by working, planning and organizing together you have a much higher rate for success in your relationship. This shared positive energy will result in a feeling of connection and mutual trust.

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Expressions of Love

Having a consistent pattern of expressing love is one of the most important of the five ways to improve any relationship. Below are several ways you can show your partner in little ways how much you love them:

• Saying I Love You randomly rather than at your normal scheduled times.
• Love Notes – written notes, notes on mirrors or left in the car are great ways to do this.
• Creating a list of reasons why you love each other
• Showing affection through touch and intimacy
• Small surprise gifts given when it is not an occasion such as a birthday or holiday
• Expressing your love to the other persons family or friends
• Making them feel special through personal compliments
• Communicate effectively and all the time


A healthy sexual life or some form of intimacy is an important aspect of any relationship. Touching, caressing and showing affection instills desire and closeness. At times this can be difficult as life gets busy and couples are tired and lack interest.

To ignite passion into a relationship, it is less important how often you make love but rather how well you love when you do it. Creating romance through candle light or massages can provide this format as well as having spontaneity.

When a relationship becomes long term it is always healthy to discuss fantasies or introduce a sense of playfulness in the bedroom. Exploring your sexuality together will promote growth in the relationship and both partners will find satisfaction through the fun of making love rather than the duty.


Everyone needs to feel supported and loved. This becomes especially important in relationships. Work on being considerate and up to date with your partner. Know your goals and assist each other in achieving those things. If your partner is struggling with something, be sure to provide them with the emotional strength they need to get through their trials.

No one is perfect and everyone has times when the burdens of life become immense. Always be mindful of your partners needs and support them in the challenges and opportunities they face. This will create a sense of teamwork and devotion which will strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

Alone Time

Regardless of whether your schedules seem presidential and there isn’t enough time or money to spend together alone; it is important to find a way. Getting out of the routine and away from the stresses of the day to day will allow a space for you and your partner to connect quickly and remember your basic attraction and closeness.

Remember when you first began dating and nothing else in the world existed besides the two of you? It is essential to consistently touch base with this feeling of togetherness. A simple day trip somewhere or quiet walk away from people is fine. Whatever it is, be sure it is not something you routinely do so that an atmosphere of excitement and fun will be present.

By following these five ways to improve any relationship you can begin to strengthen your partnership. Every couple is different but these factors are essential parts of building a successful foundation together.

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