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Finding Your Sexy Self Again

It's funny how other things creep in to your life and just make you forget about the things that did matter.

All of a sudden, you are more concerned with catching the latest episode of your favorite show than you are at seducing your partner.

Maybe you think it's the job, kids, and all the related responsibilities that are slowing you down but the way you feel about yourself can dramatically change your priorities.

If you don't feel sexy, you aren't going to put your sex life at the top of your priority list.

If you have suddenly realized that you aren't the same sexy person you used to be, don't give up hope! You can be sexy again if you are willing to work at it.

* Start by changing your attitude. If you feel that sex is something you allow him to do when you have the opportunity, then you need to turn that around to make you the recipient. Turn sex into a reward for yourself and your attitude towards yourself and the act will change, too.

 * Think about the last time you had really great sex. Think about what it was that made it so great and keep replaying it in your mind. Remembering how great it felt will make you want to feel that way again.

* Indulge your body in a long, steamy shower before applying rich, scented lotion. Give yourself a facial and a manicure. Remember how you used to prepare from head-to-toe for a sexy evening with him?

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* Get rid of the flannel pajamas and buy something that makes you feel amazing. A silk camisole or lace teddy can be the sexiest substitute for your old sweat pants.

* Don't wait until he gets home to start warming up. Watch a movie that has your favorite actor in it to get your mind, and body, going in the right direction.

* Change your underwear. Nothing feels sexier than walking around with sexy underwear on. You don't have to dress up to wear lacy bras and G-strings work just fine under blue jeans and your favorite shirt. In fact, knowing what you have on underneath will make you feel sexier all day. You'll become more 'exciting' for others with this trick.

* Get one of the new exercise videos that teaches you how to strip or dance your way thin. Not only will you get the benefit of the exercise, but you will also learn some great moves that you can use to entertain your man.

* Purchase one of the new lubricants made to intensify female pleasure. Better yet, get a kit that has one for each of you! This will increase the intensity of your experience and also take the pressure off to relax and enjoy. You won't have any choice!

* Wear heels. Nothing will make you feel more feminine or sexy than a great pair of heels.

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How to Find Your Sexy Self for Men

Once you have gained a few pounds from the beer and you are missing more of your hair than you have, it may be difficult for you to feel sexy as well. You can lose weight and build your muscle, but those things take time. For the moment, you can make some quick changes that can make you feel sexier and more desirable as well.

Women aren't the only ones who have different underwear options available to them. Go shopping for something that is going to look great on your body and is minus the holes and coffee stains that your old underwear has now.

Get a new hairstyle and consider growing a mustache or goatee to create a different look. Consider hair replacement options if yours is steadily declining and color the gray to give yourself a more youthful, sexy appearance.

You don't have to be the same age or look the same to get your sexy self back again. Just work on enhancing your best features and getting the right attitude to put you into a sexy mood! Needless to say, this will make you become more attractive right away.

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